Westfield High School/Middle School goes virtual through Dec. 6th

A letter to families posted on November 12th on the Westfield School District website stated that staffing has again been impacted by COVID-19, resulting in a switch to virtual learning for grades 7-12 for the time being.

The letter, signed by District Administrator Bob Meicher, stated, “In the past five days we have had 4 people at Westfield MS/HS test positive for Covid19 and are waiting on 6 more test results. We also have a large number of students quarantined and, as of today, are currently down 7 staff members. Once again, our staffing abilities are deeply impacted and we have exhausted our substitute options. We can no longer staff our face-to-face school plan at the Middle School/High School.

The 7-12 building will move to our virtual plan but will try to come back to our face-to-face plan one more time prior to our Winter Break. Please keep in mind, we are particularly concerned with what could happen with case numbers during the deer hunting season and Thanksgiving Holiday. We will continue to monitor the health situations of our students and staff during this switch to virtual learning and will inform you if any additional time is necessary.”

The transition to virtual began November 13th and is expected to remain in place through the first week of December, with students returning to the building Monday, December 7th.

The entire pre-K-12 grades in Montello School District transitioned to virtual learning beginning November 9th and are expected to remain so until after Thanksgiving weekend.

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