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The past week in my life was one of hard work, of loss and personal reflection. Hard work is always its own reward, especially if your time is spent helping others around you. Losing people in your circle of life is inevitable of course, but that does not make the loss any easier to accept. Upon personal reflection, we often ask ourselves if we are fulfilling what God intended us to do in the way of a career or family. His plans will always fall in to place as they should if our faith is strong enough to be patient, so "Lord I hope this day is good!"

My sympathy is extended to the family of Mr. Robert Kaempfe of Newton who passed away while a resident of Harris Villa Assisted Living facility. I will always recall the days Bob spent as a janitor at Westfield High School. He had a pipe in his mouth back then, nothing we'd see in a school setting nowadays. He was beloved and respected among the students. Bob missed his dear wife Alice and we are happy that they can now be reunited.

The retired breakfast club members decided to skip their weekly meeting and do their own thing until next Monday. Roger Goldsmith spent time in the water trout fishing and working on restoring his pond. Mark Schumacher of Richford did some foraging and enjoyed several meals accompanied by fiddle head ferns. Fred Wenzel of Coloma made a trip to Madison with a neighbor and the other two fellows. Ed Stelter stayed busy in Montello and Don Lange in Newton township.

After more than a year of waiting we were so happy to find Captain Jack and his lovely wife Beth Frost serving pulled pork meals with a smile in Montello during Fish and Fun weekend. Jack's trailer sported a long line on Saturday as the great weather helped bring folks downtown. The food was great and the sauce is still Boss. Thank you for returning to the 2021 summer events.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Al Huth of Ripon and to Maya Wegner of Montello on May 6. May 7 we wish Barb Schonasky and Kim Crandall a great birthday. Happy anniversary on May 7 to Dave and Cheri Nickel of Princeton. Tom and Dot Becker of Lawrence celebrate an anniversary on May 9. Angie Hoffman, Jaimie Field, Timothy Haas, Jacob Timm, and Marilyn Bagley all share a May 9 birthday. Happy anniversary to Andy and Tonya Henke on May 9. Kristin and Branden Mike have a May 10th anniversary. Greg Kemnitz, Lucy Williams and Paulette Phillips have a May 10th birthday. May 11th, Mike and Melissa Wucherer of Germania celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary. My sister-in-law Abby Goldsmith of Coloma has a May 11th birthday. On May 12th, Kathy Jo Locke of Westfield has a birthday. May you have buckets of fun!

Last week Wednesday George Lindell of Wautoma celebrated his birthday with his wife treating him to dinner at The Wheelhouse restaurant of King. They ordered a delicious pizza for there and brought home a frozen one for later. Uncle George said it was a good day.

Ron Pugh of Comstock Lake was a busy Lions member at the Montello City Fish and Fun event all weekend. He will always serve you with a smile.

Pauline Petersdorff of Harrisville was able to visit with residents at Harris Villa on Thursday last week. We truly enjoy your time spent with our residents.

The Germania Historical Society met on Sunday morning in the church headquarters building. Many items were up for discussion on the agenda of the meeting including the upcoming fund raising rummage sale. The sale will be held on Saturday and Sunday June 5th and 6th in the dance hall of the Longbranch Saloon from 8 am to 5 pm both days. Members stayed after the meeting to help move tables and chairs to prepare for donations and time for marking such items. There was talk of offering frozen pizzas for sale at the time as well. We welcome new members at any time and hope to grow the membership to keep the area's great history recorded. A past story written by the late Elaine Reetz on the history of how Germania was put back on the Wisconsin state map was read by President Jon Syverson. The excerpt was sent to the group by William Tagatz of AZ. Thank you to all members who were in attendance.

We are finally receiving the much needed rain in central Wisconsin. An inch fell in Budsin on Sunday night and again Monday afternoon. Around 9 pm we could hear large hail stones hitting the roof and vent pipes and cringed with the sound of each stone. Roger Goldsmith of Newton said his gauge was crowding 2 inches on Monday morning. Smaller hail was reported in the Lawrence area as well. Upon inspection of the yard I found 2 handfuls of new morels popping up after the rain and a few that lost their tops most likely because of the hail or heavy rain. One has to take the good with the bad.

Mark and Jan Schumacher of Richford are hoping to get back on track with their travels now that both are fully vaccinated and the country is opening up. They will hope to pursue a trip to Canada as soon as possible and a summer fly fishing trip to Ontario. They will also be re-scheduling their Middle East trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Mark was looking forward to spending some quality time with his friend Roger Goldsmith during the upcoming turkey season and then trap shooting this summer with Roger and his son Garrit. It is good to have things to look forward to and to get back on track in life.

Chris and Terry Wollert of Budsin were just wrapping up a cook out with Jameson and Jackson and their parents as the rain began to roll in Sunday night. Chris had to fill the pool for the kids to enjoy during the 80º weather we were blessed with. the Budsin neighborhood has seen the Orioles return as we also hear them singing throughout the woods so feeders are up and the oranges are out for feasting on. Have an enjoyable day.

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