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This year of uncertainty and upset has me thinking of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday a little differently. Last year at this time I was returning from a trip to see my Mom and sisters in Arkansas. We had enjoyed warm ,sunny days together and had an early Thanksgiving day dinner at Mom's house. My brother in law Gray Snyder had smoked his special recipe meatloaf and my sister Julie made a meal for us at their home. We gathered with my sister Dawn Smith and her daughter for a brunch in Ozark, AR after my niece Beth had performed publicly with her high school band The Ozark Hillbillies. We had supper with my nephew Avery Snyder and his fiancée BreAnna Peters at "Toad Suck Buck's" BBQ, among a crowd of happy diners. All these things were a normal part of my life, living without fear and gathering with loved ones wherever we wished. In December, my sister and her family traveled secretly to Wisconsin, their first family trip home in years, and we pulled off a family gathering complete with friends of about 40 people. Oh, the memories of last year are sweet and cherished in my heart. Thank you to all in my life that have made these trips and gatherings possible. 2020 came along like a steam roller and flattened our travel plans, our graduation parties and concerts, with the hope of change on the near horizon. It has been a test of patience and prudence to carry on through the year, but as God sees fit, that is what we must do. May peace be in your heart as November 26 approves. Recall what you are thankful for and hold tight to the good things. This too shall pass.

Missy Heller of Budsin and her sister Jill Cain of Germania took a scenic tour of Waupaca on Tuesday of last week. The ladies found a covered bridge to explore and use for photo ops. They did some shopping and enjoyed the sunny day drive. Back in Budsin Missy found the perfect place to hang her "Be Thankful" flags. Beautifying Budsin one day at a time.

Thursday afternoon I was happy to find Pauline Petersdorff of Harrisville working in her yard. I had some treats o share with her and we sat down for a chat by the sunny window. I am amazed at the birds who frequent her yard and watched as several fat Mourning doves pecked at the ground for their dinner. The wildlife pecked happily at the feast provided. Another moment in my week to be thankful for as I battled a nasty headache that day.

Congratulations to Nathan Hell of Newton who shot a doe Sunday afternoon while hunting with his Grandpa Don Heller. Grandpa helped him bring the deer home and hang it before he headed off to work at The Longbranch Saloon. Nathan's dad Kenny Hell was so proud to come across his son rolling and carrying a large rock out of the field one night as they hunted for Uncle Tommy's deer and blood trail. Nathan knew that giant rock would wreak havoc on the "no till" equipment of the future field work come Spring. A dedicated farmer in the making, and a safe hunter as well.

Happy birthday wishes are being sent to Marabeth Hoffman King of Neshkoro, Margaret Suter of Newton, Josh Pekowsky of Coloma, Diane Schubert of Berlin and Amy Hays of TN, all celebrating on Nov. 27th. Happy anniversary to Wanda and Charlie Reeder of Westfield on Nov. 27th. Casey Wollert of Berlin has a Nov. 28th birthday to enjoy. On Nov. 29th we wish my Auntie Linda Lindell of Wautoma, Bonnie Ducas of Oxford, Jeremy Sneed of IL, Sarabeth Hawkins of Neshkoro, Buddy Boeker of Germania, Marlene Haas of Montello, Cheryl Stannard of Neshkoro a great day. Hugs to Marie Hodge of Westfield on Nov. 30th. December 1 Nate Knoch of Newton, Stan Parafiniuk Sr. of Budsin and my nephews Bradyn and Logan Hamilton of Westfield have a birthday. Marlene Weiss of Germania, Julie Ennis of south Budsin and Jake Quinn of Lawrence roots have a Dec. 2 birthday. Best wishes to you all.

The Germania Historical Society had a busy day last Monday while making the ordered pizzas for their recent fundraiser. A crew of about 15 people came together at the Longbranch Saloon and produced just under 400 fresh made assorted pizzas. One could tell by the laughter, the stories and smiles proved that this group is dedicated to service and happy to be a team as they strive to establish the GHS in its new permanent location. The society president and his first lady were on duty to make sure the task was finished in record time. Many hands helped to deliver the finished product around the neighborhood and outlying communities. The sale has concluded for now, all pizzas are sold and have been claimed but stay tuned for future sales and opportunities to put these wonderful meals in to your freezer. Thank you to all that helped purchased and supported our efforts to make the Germania Historical Society strong.

Terry and Chris Wollert of Budsin are sending their immediate neighbors many thanks for their help in corralling Lilo the wayward dog on Saturday night. Lilo counts her blessings and knows how very lucky she is. On Saturday the weather allowed for family fun outdoors again with the Wollert grandkids and families. They were able to enjoy bike rides and walks and swing set time. Some of the hunters were successful with Jenny in the lead as she brought down an awesome buck. Chris noted that many birds were busy at the feeders on Monday as a predicted weather change is on the horizon. Chris is trying hard to get in to the Holiday spirit and start her Christmas shopping but the spirit is not forthcoming. Perhaps the snow covered ground will help?

My dad, Roger Goldsmith of Newton, has been hunting for wildlife since he was able to pull back the string of a bow or fire a rifle. He can skin any critter with his eyes closed and put meat in to the freezer with every season. He and his good friend Mark Schumacher of Richford spent some quality time in the woods recently. (Who am I kidding? They spent most every waking hour in the woods as possible.) Even a seasoned hunter with decades of experience can produce a blunder. Roger aimed for a big buck heard thrashing and such a ruckus that he was sure to find his prize the next day. His arrow "wood" be sturdy enough to take down at least a 15-point giant with years of thick growth. Read the last sentence again, and check the spelling. Roger went out the next morning with Mark at his side and found his trusty broadhead embedded in a mighty oak. My sister Julie suggested an eye doctor appointment may be needed. Many folks gave their advice on how to cook his kill when the photo appeared on Facebook. If a person cannot laugh at their misfortune, they have missed out on life and happiness. After taking the miss with good humor and a big smile, Dad stalked a big buck the first day of the gun deer season and redeemed himself. If you know him, you'd expect nothing less. Be safe, be happy and be humble.

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