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Every winter when the snow falls knee deep and the wind howls to bring down arctic air I ponder why the heck I live in Wisconsin? This winter it has certainly been mild up until this week so I hadn't yet asked myself this question. But today my nose is cold, my feet are slightly numb and my mood is low. Then I talked to my sister Julie Snyder in central Arkansas and she tells me the temps dropped to 30º with high winds and possible snow or rain. I see that Branson, Missouri is dealt a hand of freezing rain and I think to myself it's inescapable. Just a few more weeks until Spring and the possibility of warmer weather is on the horizon. We tend to whine regardless of the heat, cold, humidity or dryness. I will dream of sitting on a beach, my cold toes in the water and my butt in the sand, not a worry in the world and a drink in my hand because life is still good today, anyway.

My Grandma Marlene Locke Cagney of Westfield enjoyed a card shower that helped her celebrate her 89th birthday on Feb. 6. Many friends and family members made sure to get a card in to the mail to help flood her mailbox and make up for the lack of safe visits with folks on her birthday. Grandma you are very kind, sweet, fun-loving lady and I hope that your birthday was a true reflection of this.

Congrats to Lance Mertens of DePere who took home a 3rd place finish in the finals Midwest Winter nationals indoor pulling at Shipshewana, IN. Lincoln Diesel and Brent Meyers of Redgranite took 2 of their pulling trucks to the event on Saturday. We saw many familiar faces from the area in the stands as Mike watched videos of the pulls from afar. The countdown for pulling season is on.

My warm dream of being on a beach was very short lived. I just spent the past hour trying to defrost /break free the drain hose outdoors for the furnace. Ugghhh. I was sweeping the floor in the utility room when I discovered a small puddle below the drain tube of the furnace. The cause of this is all too familiar to me as it happens annually when the temps dip to below acceptable numbers. I do insulate this outside area to the best of my ability each year and of course I do check on it when the weather allows. So far this season it only required one visit until today. I can consider that a win on my behalf, I suppose. After 2 kettles of boiling water, one unfurled wire hanger, a funnel, a metal meat tenderizer and an ice pick also known as a metal fondue fork, I busted through the tube of frozen sludge. Then I repacked the area, threw the frozen (useless) straw bale aside and came inside for warm, dry clothing. My hands stayed warm thanks to insulated ski gloves but my legs are still warming up. Needless to say, I am ready to book a ticket to Florida for a month or two with my sister Dawn Smith.

Speaking of frost, Jonathon Heller of Budsin spent the weekend fishing up north and showed us a preview of how he looks with white hair. Jon is not a quitter despite having frosted eye lashes and white-tipped bangs. I hope that he brought home a worthy collection of fish.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to the Germania tick inspector Mike Bednarek on Feb. 11th. Elizabeth Spillner of Packwaukee, Sharon Dahlke of Westfield, Tony Salentine and Paul Schmidt have a Feb. 11th birthday to enjoy. Barb Virch of Westfield, Margie Druce of Portage and Mabel the Maid of Newton share a Feb. 12th birthday. On Valentine’s Day Feb. 14th, Diann Wrysinski of Wautoma, Keith Galbraith of Mishicot, Joann Yurek of Germania, Desirae Slotten of Harrisville and Nathan Holy of Westfield have a birthday. Chef Mike Fish of Wood Lake has a Feb. 15th birthday; he does happily accept birthday drinks. Cheryl Daye of Neshkoro and Charlie Bloss of Grand Marsh have a Feb. 16th birthday. Best wishes to you all.

Ripon is holding an outdoor polka fest in the park on Feb. 20th. Tuba Dan Jerabek and his band will be the featured local artist along with Copper Box and a few more. They plan to have a warming shelter, food and drinks, games for the children and much more needed fun for all. If you have missed live performances as I have you will be happy to put on your ice cleats over top of the dancing shoes and kick up those heels.

Happy Valentine wishes are extended to you all on Feb. 14th. Harris Villa is excited to welcome the band "Old Tyme Sounds" for an afternoon party on Sunday. This is sure to put a smile on many faces and a song in as many hearts. Strike up the music!

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