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May 21, 2020

After our area received near to better 4 inches of rain on Sunday in to Monday Lake Budsin has made its return to our yard. As the high wind blows I expect to see a white cap or two but so far it has  just been pine branches floating along the top of the giant puddle. This time it even extends to cross the driveway. I'm hoping to find a giant rubber duckie to float around, at least it will give a purpose to the flooded area under the power lines.


The birds were very active all day Sunday and Monday despite the heavy wind and rain. I took delight in being home and trying to capture pictures of the Orioles as they fought for grape jelly and oranges. The Hummingbirds took a  rest on my clothesline after they visited the nectar feeders. grosbeak, mockingbirds, woodpeckers, cardinals, sparrows and a beautiful indigo bunting all kept me entertained. Monday their songs were heard loudly through the yard as they hoped for warmer and brighter days ahead, just as I am hoping. The plus to the rain is that vegetation is growing and taking away some of the fire danger. The morel mushrooms and asparagus will also be happy for the moisture if they survived the frost.


Congratulations to all the senior and college graduates 2020. Of course nothing about your senior year ended as it should have but I do hope that you can rise above and be proud of your accomplishments. You will surely have a lifetime experience to tell in the future. Many people are coming up with very creative ways to celebrate their grad and all your efforts are appreciate from car parades and signs ,balloons and yard visits ,just keep showing the love.  I am waiting for word from my niece Beth Smith in Ozark, AR who was supposed to walk the stage on May 16th. The school has a tentative date for their ceremony to take place and this Aunt wants to be there.


The Coloma flea market set to open on May 23rd has been cancelled as well as the dates in June during the annual Chicken Chew. Thus far the market will hope to re-open on August 1.


Happy birthday wishes are sent to Kris Wenzel of Wautoma and to Kathy Lenzen of Montello celebrating on May 21st. Dennis Hoffman of Neshkoro has a May 22nd birthday. Jim Henke of Neshkoro has a May 23rd birthday to enjoy. May 24th we wish Norb Zodrow of Princeton a happy 92nd birthday and Ethel Schliepp enjoys a birthday as well that day. Mark Mark Ludtke of Packwaukee has a May 25th birthday. Dylan Albright of Harrisville and my Aunt Donna Goldsmith of Wautoma share a May 26th birthday. Happy anniversary to Reverend Don and Beth Wedel of Oxford on May 27th. Happy birthday to Patrick Knoch on May 27th. Best wishes to you all.


Chris Wollert of Budsin was excited to enjoy 2 full days in a row of sunshine and good weather, sadly followed by a lot of wind and rain. While it was nice outside she got her flowers planted. Any other plants had to be brought back inside for safety and all of the veggie flats were safe except for a tray of radishes which tipped over with the portable greenhouse. The flat was laying on the ground Monday morning. Chris hopes to salvage some of the sprouts for at least a salad addition. Chris and Terry Wollert were thrilled to spend time with Jameson and Jackson and their parents on Friday as they all enjoyed a delivery of dinner from the Longbranch Saloon of Germania. The food was excellent as always and it was nice to sit outside and be able to socially distance themselves while still sitting together for a meal.


My neighbor Chris and I and Mike were thrilled to see our favorite NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth return to the track on Sunday. The Darlington race did not have any fans in attendance at the track but Mike and I listened AM radio 1070 and the amount of static sounded just like a crowd cheering so we didn't notice any difference. Chris and Terry were able to tune in to FOX network and watch it at home. They looked forward to seeing Matt and Ryan Newman return to the track and we are grateful for whatever amount of a race season they can deliver.


My mom Kathleen Goldsmith of Ward, AR, truly enjoyed having my sister Dawn Smith stay for a week at her home. Dawn helped mom with outside chores and painted in the living room, hung pictures up for her and enjoyed many meals together.  I only wish I could have joined you all for the week; stay safe and stay out of Walmart.


Lake Budsin has shrunk a tiny bit since I woke up today but I am ready to go look for that rubber duck now, have a wonderful week everyone.


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May 21, 2020

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