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November 8, 2019

Look out on the roads, ditches and driveways as the bucks are on the move. Several of my friends and co-workers have already bagged their limit with their vehicle this Fall. I have had several close encounters of my own with the antlerless and well-appointed racks of whitetail. On Sunday as I drove east in the town of Newton  I caught sight of a large buck with a beautiful set of antlers and a wide  spread running full speed ahead across an open hayfield. He ran like the wind towards county road E when all the sudden he stopped kicking up dirt as he must have realized I was in his way. I sped up and he crossed the road right behind me, snout down to the ground. He was a male on a mission and I was glad to travel on towards home safely. A young buck has taken up an argument with a small tree in our yard and left his hoof prints spread out wide with clumps of moss laying several feet away. We can enjoy his visits as long as he decides to leave our vehicles unmarked. He is relatively safe in my yard, not hunted by me or Mike but he should steer clear of Highway 22 and the neighbors who will be on the lookout.


Jerry and Marlene Cagney of Westfield had a nice Friday night out while dining at The Village Inn of Westfield. They met Roger and Mary Goldsmith of Newton after discovering that Mikey's Sportsman's Tavern was very crowded, as was The Schoolhouse by the Newton Roundabout. The Village Inn was also a hopping place but their server Ikey took great care of all their needs and Chef/Owner Carol sent out a delicious meal.


Mike and I were on our own search or a dinner out Friday night as we headed to Berlin for some shopping needs. We drove in and out of the parking lot of The Country Inn, seems that 4:30 pm was not early enough to get a table there. The lot was filled to capacity and spilling in to the roadway. Next we tried Jeff's on the Square, already booked with reservations to which we were unfamiliar. Lucky for us, it was happy hour and the drinks were strong and cheap but our stomachs growled for food, not spirits. We were happy to see Steve and Donna Eustice of Neshkoro there with friends but we left and went on to Clem's where the pizza is hot, freshly made and Sherrie will greet you smiling every time. Lightly breaded white cheese curds helped fill the stomach void while we waited for our entrée. Sadly we left without the usual pile of Tootsie Rolls they dump upon you when you pay the bill. I didn't realize this until we got to Tractor Supply and  I almost made Mike go back!  Frooties and Tootsies are awesome and I usually don't have to share.


Roger Goldsmith of Newton and Mark Shumacher of Richford had breakfast at The Pioneer in Westfield on Thursday, after our 2nd snowfall of the season had covered the ground. The men figured it'd be a good idea to fuel up on good hot food before they took to the woods to find Mark a big birthday buck. Friday Goldy did some delivery work and dropped pumpkins off in my yard for the critters to enjoy. We thank you for the bales and for delivery until you are better paid.


Happy 89th birthday to Marilyn Lange of Newton who celebrated on Friday Nov 1st with her family and friends. Marilyn you look wonderful! 


Chris Wollert of Budsin had lunch with "her" veteran Howie and his wife Nancy on Friday. Chris was lucky enough to accompany Howie a few years ago on the Old Glory Honor Flight out of Appleton, WI. They have kept in touch over the years. Their "retirement years" lately have included starting the company Howie and Nancy crafted Tyler and Casey Wollert's birthday gifts this year. Chris met the couple at Tanner's Tap and Grill of Omro. It was a great day and nice to see them again. The Wollerts were happy to have time on the weekend with their grandchildren and of course their parents along. On Saturday Chris and Presley went to the McCombs-Bruchs Performing Arts Center of Wautoma to see "Footloose." They were in the front row to enjoy a great show! The cast was fantastic, and the orchestra was wonderful, and  the ladies loved the entire show.


Saturday, the Wollert family celebrated son Tyler's birthday at The Longbranch Saloon. Kevin and Donny were fantastic  hosts, as usual. They had a surprise encounter with niece Mandy and hubby Mike Garske  The Garskes had an unexpected opportunity to celebrate Mike's birthday on the same day as Tyler's and chose to take a drive to Germania. A good time was had by all.


Happy anniversary to Ben and Amanda Knoch of Westfield on Nov. 7. Happy birthday to my cousin Stacia Kish on Nov. 7. Nov. 8 we wish Mary Soda of east Germania, Cyndi Hanley Alexander of Princeton, to  Brian Thalacker and Steve Fowler and Mike Runnels. Nov. 9 Patti Heller and Sid Auck have a birthday. Jeffrey Daye of Montello, Steve Johannes of Richford and Aubriella Hell of Newton celebrate on Nov. 10th. Captain Kenny Mike of Westfield has a Nov. 11th birthday. 


Happy birthday to Becky King Norman of Canada, Melanie Zuehls of Montello, Libby Lain of Westfield, Randy Nimphius of east Budsin and Nick Kronschnabel  all celebrating their Nov. 12th birthdays. November 13th, Carol Clendenning and Tim Powell have a birthday. Dave Woolbright of Wautoma and Rick Thalacker of Westfield have a Nov. 14th birthday. Happy anniversary to Jerry and Donna Goldsmith of Dakota on Nov. 14th. Nov. 15th, my cousin Dave Goldsmith of Edgerton has a birthday, Ryan Marquardt of Westfield and Danielle Hinze of Harris celebrate on the 15th. Happy anniversary to my sister Dawn and her husband Michael of Ozark, AR on Nov. 16th. Bret and Amy Meissner of Montfort have an anniversary on Nov. 16th, as do Charlie and Vicki Bloss of Grand Marsh. Sassie Polakoski has a Nov. 16th birthday. Nov. 17th, Evelyn Marcelain of Westfield and Adam Smith have a birthday. Angie Krueger and Dorothy Goldsmith of Westfield, Jim Floeter of north Budsin, Mary Lange of Newton and my brother-in-law Gary Snyder of Sherwood, AR have a Nov. 18th birthday. Mat Wenzel of Wautoma and Clinton Marotz have a Nov. 19th birthday. Jonathon Heller of Budsin, Bonnie Marotz of Harris, Sue Standke of Westfield have a Nov. 20th birthday. Best wishes to you all.


You may notice that there are 2 weeks’ worth of birthdays listed above. I am leaving on a jet plane for a trip south to see my mom, 2 sisters and their families. I have not traveled to AR since April 2018 and it seems way too long ago as so many things change. This will be the first time in many years that I won't be greeted by my sister's big black lab Onyx, as she passed away since. I will most likely still be looking for her and missing her snorty greeting. My ,om has been working hard, nowhere near retirement yet as she continues to fix up her house in Ward, AR. She is healthy and strong-willed and happily living life one day at a time, no strings attached. My sisters, who are both retired now from their military service, are both working full-time civilian jobs, both continuing to raise their children and amazed at how quickly the years go by. I cannot believe that my niece Beth is a senior in high school and will be happy to attend one of her band concerts while I am there to visit. My vacation most likely won't involve swimming or sun tans, as the AR forecast is bleak, but not as cold as WI. Happy trails to you until we meet again.

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