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Happy Thanksgiving wishes are extended to you all, I am grateful for the life I have and the family and friends that fill my days with love. May you be blessed with the same.

My apologies to those who spent time looking for the Germania/Budsin column a few weeks ago. My mom Kathleen Goldsmith said she flipped through her paper three times, then she did a page count to see if a section was perhaps missing. I did spend Nov. 10th with her in Arkansas so I would have missed the Monday 5 pm deadline. Mr. Zoulek may have also spent extra time looking through the copy as he called me a slacker the next time he saw me. It's good to be missed but it was even better to be on vacation with no worries or commitments.

Just a friendly reminder that the Longbranch Saloon of Germania will be closed for one month starting Dec. 1 through Dec. 31st and will re-open for business on Jan 1, 2020. The Hellers deserve a little rest and will of course be doing maintenance work while the business is closed.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Casey Wollert of berlin on Nov 28th. November 29th we wish my Aunt Linda Lindell of Wautoma, Bonnie Ducas of Oxford, Marlene Haas of Harris, Buddy Boeker of Germania, Cheryl Stannard of Neshkoro, my God daughter Sarabeth Hawkins of Princeton, and Jeremy Sneed of Illinois a great day. Hugs to Marie Hodge of Westfield on Nov 30th. December 1 Nate Knoch of Newton, Stan Parafiniuk Sr. of Budsin, my nephews Bradyn and Logan Hamilton of Westfield all celebrating on Dec 1. Marlene Weiss of Germania, Julie Ennis of south Budsin and Jake Quinn of Lawrence have a Dec. 2 birthday. Karla Marotz of Harris, Judilee Becker and Jan McLaughlin have a Dec. 3 birthday. Kendra Rozek of Westfield, Mike Zahn of Coloma and Derrick Mike of Harrisville have a Dec. 4 birthday. Best wishes to you all.

Westfield will once again be featuring the village/area wide Taste and Tour on Friday Nov 29th and Sat Nov 30th. I hope to get out after work and do some shopping at the tour stops, this is always a great way to get a jump start on holiday gift shopping. I have not been set up at a participating tour stop for a few years now since flu season put an abrupt end to our Villa stop but we still have fond memories of the years that we were able to be there in the activity room. Support our local artist as they display their talents and stop in for a taste of local goodness at many area restaurants and stores.

I was lucky to be able to join my friend Boop for lunch on Saturday at Crossroads Chateau. We enjoyed spending time with Vicki Zajda, even though she was hard at work. We also got to see Todd Perlberg while there and the Kryscio gang. Mr. and Mrs. Pope of Westfield stopped in for lunch and I even got a hug from the Pope! I resisted the urge to snap his suspenders. Our lunch looked like a small buffet, but everything was tasty and came out quickly thanks to Chef Josh.

George and Linda Lindell of Wautoma celebrated their Thanksgiving early with a turkey dinner on Saturday. Many thanks to the cookie fairy who delivered Mike's favorite peanut butter blossoms to our door.

Kathleen Goldsmith of Ward, AR is looking forward to spending a few days in Branson, MO with her best friend Pam Willis and Pam's daughter Janell Atkins. The ladies plan a Thanksgiving feast while at the condo and will enjoy their quality time together in the beautiful city.

Gunshots are being heard all around Budsin today so I guess the deer are not hiding well enough. I know of a few successful hunters. Congrats to brother in law Jim Henke of Neshkoro and to cover boy Mark Guderski of Harris who landed his giant buck on the cover of The Resorter last week. Shoot safe and drive safe as the white tail are still on the run.


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