Westfield School Board discusses construction delays

The Westfield School Board met on July 20 where they discussed a donation from the Brakebush Family Foundation and construction updates on the high school building.

They began the meeting by accepting a $10,000 donation from the Brakebush Family Foundation to the D.C. Adventure Group. Board President Mark McCartney thanked the Brakebush family and the Brakebush foundation, saying, “It’s rare that we sit through a meeting where there isn’t a donation there and it’s not just us. They’re very giving in this community to begin with, so thank you.”

District Administrator Bob Meicher then gave an update on construction projects at the high school building. The previous week he was informed from NAMI that the electronic components for the HVAC upgrade were delayed and wouldn’t be here in time. Other districts are facing the same problem and they will be arriving for installation next spring or possibly even summer. 

Meicher said that NAMI had kept everything installed however, and they would be hooking the old system back up with the new parts that had come in already. Due to this, they will be finishing this part of the project sooner than if the new electronics had come in and they will be done before the start of school. 

McCartney asked if the new timeline would affect the use of the ESSER funds they were using to pay for the project. Meicher said that originally the funds needed to be used by 2024, and as this was a countrywide issue, that deadline had already been moved back a year to 2025. Meicher also said that he had asked if there would be any additional cost to the district because of this and the NAMI representative couldn’t give an answer. Meicher believed that there would be an additional cost due to the man-hours needed to put everything back, then take it all out again when the electronics came in. He said there was an additional $400,000 available through ESSER funding that could help cover those costs. 

Finally, they approved the resignation of Jamie Winch and Tyler Schmidt and approved the hires of Stephanie Reynolds as an Elementary Teacher and Cody Mayne as Assistant Football Coach.