Herb Kohl awards go to 2 Westfield District staff

There was a great deal of excitement around Westfield School District when the winners of the 2023 Herb Kohl Winners were announced.  On the day the winners were announced it was revealed that one staff member had won the Herb Kohl Teacher Fellowship Award and one other had won the Herb Kohl Principal Leadership Award.

Tricia Groskreutz, Second Grade teacher at Coloma Elementary School, has been selected for the Herb Kohl Teacher Fellowship Award.  Fellowship Award winners are recognized as the top educators in their profession.  Award winners are educators who have been chosen for their superior ability to inspire love of learning in their students, their ability to motivate others, and their leadership & service within and outside of the classroom.  Chase Gildenzoph, Principal at Coloma and Oxford Elementary, has been selected for the Herb Kohl Principal Leadership Award.  Leadership Award winners are recognized for setting high standards for instruction, achievement, character, and creating a climate to best serve students, families, staff, and community.  Both will receive a $6,000 personal award and an additional $6,000 to be used for projects of their choice.

Tricia Groskreutz has served as a teacher within Westfield School District at Coloma Elementary for the past nineteen years.  As a teacher, Mrs. Groskreutz is a dedicated and driven educator.  She has served on multiple committees within our school, district, and community.  Mrs. Groskreutz is a go-to for many staff members and an invaluable resource for many within the district.  She is the definition of a lifelong learner who took the time to attend conferences and helped to educator others within the district.  Her dedication and commitment does not stop at the school.  Mrs. Groskreutz has been heavily involved with our local 4H group, county fair, and the Coloma Parent Teacher Organization.  Within her classroom she strives to forge a strong bond with her students creating a sense of community in her classroom.  Mrs. Groskreutz has consistently shown her ability to work with all students to not only achieve great things academically but also socially and emotinally.  She is truly deserving of this award.

Chase Gildenzoph has served as the Principal at Coloma and Oxford Elementary for the past eight years.  Mr. Gildenzoph became the Principal after serving as a high school mathematics teacher for five years at Westfield High School.  Mr. Gildenzoph has worked to create a culture where staff and students feel supported, respected, and safe.  He is a firm believer that all students can learn, it may just not be at that moment.  While Mr. Gildenzoph has worked to build a strong culture of learning at both Coloma and Oxford Elementary, this is not something that could have been accomplished without the support of the community and staff.  The staff members at both schools have worked to develop and grow their students not just academically but also socially.