Endeavor/Moundville Fire Dept. promotes safety message

In the State of Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers has proclaimed October 15th, 2022 to be Slow Down Mover Over Day.  This proclamation is intended to raise awareness to citizens and visitors of the State of Wisconsin to slow down and/or move over when passing emergency vehicles or roadway maintenance vehicles that have their warning lights activated, parked on the side of the road.

Wisconsin law requires drivers to take this action when driving to help keep our emergency responders and roadside workers safe.  Wisconsin law also prohibits use of non-hands-free devices while driving through emergency zones or work zones.

Many emergency responders and roadway workers are struck by and either injured or killed each year by drivers that are not paying attention and not slowing down and moving over while passing through.  Incidents on Wisconsin Roadways occur all over the state including two unfortunate incidents that happened in Marquette County.  In 1997, Assistant Chief Gregory Quinn of the Village of Westfield Fire Department was killed on I-39 near the Westfield exit while working at a crash scene and in 2015, Firefighter Larry Millard of the Endeavor/Moundville Fire Department was killed while working at an EMS scene on I-39 at the Endeavor Exit.

AAA Wisconsin has announced that they are awarding 13 emergency response agencies across Wisconsin with a grant to help improve responder safety.  The Endeavor/Moundville Fire Department is pleased to announce that they have been awarded one of these grants.  The grant funds will be used towards the upgrading of emergency lighting on a Water Tender used to block emergency scenes providing safety to responders and victims and to provide advance warning to drivers passing by an emergency scene.

The Endeavor/Moundville Fire Department is very appreciative of the support from AAA and we would like to remind everyone to please slow down, move over and pay attention when passing through our scenes, we all want to go home at the end of the call back to our families.