News From Germania


Brrr!  Liquid propane may be cheap this year and my tank is full but that doesn’t seem to matter when the temps dip below 10º. No matter how high I set the thermostat, the furnace doesn’t keep up with the cold. I may just follow the sun beam around my living room today like a cat or dog .Yes, I know the countdown to Spring is on and it is a livable number of days. My mom was thrilled with the snow I sent her way today in central Arkansas. It caused icing on roads and bridges and many accidents, but she stayed home and waited for the sun to warm up and melt it all. With gasoline prices also at an all-time low, I could just jump in the car and drive south until Wisconsin warms up. If you cannot find me, don’t tell my bosses that my mom said I could run away and visit her.

The Longbranch Saloon of Germania held their annual squirrel hunt on Saturday, Jan. 16 with ten teams entering. Most teams did get their limit on squirrels. Team number 9, Towery and Korb, placed first with 9 lbs. Team number 2 placed 2nd with 8 lbs. 9 oz. If you come to the Longbranch for the chili cook-off on Feb. 7, rumor has it squirrel chili will be one of the entries. Be sure to enter your best recipe or just come on out and be a tasting judge.

My sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Al Hoffman of Neshkoro who passed away from results of a heart attack he suffered on Jan. 14th at home. Al was the husband of Phyllis Heller Hoffman of Germania and father to Marabeth King of Princeton and grandfather to Sarabeth Hawkins. Al worked for many years at Alliance of Ripon. He loved to spend time camping with his family and friends, watching NASCAR racing, football and hunting of all types. He was an excellent dart player and pool shooter, taking part in the Scotch doubles tourney at Longbranch each year. Al was always happy to give me a report of their weekend events for this column and he had a way of saying his birthday was years of experience added to 21. He was young at heart and willing to help out with many community events. Al has left many with good memories and I will now have to retire my favorite saying of “a good time was had by AL.” God speed Al to the big hunting ground in Heaven. Say hello to your brother Bob for us.

Elmer and Anita Payne from Coloma enjoyed an afternoon visit with Fern and Wally King on Tuesday of last week at Harris Villa.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Ed Koelbl of Montello, Bob Guderski of Harrisville and Crystal Church of Dakota all sharing a Jan 21 birthday. Jan. 22 we wish my cousin Deanna Krist of Westfield a great birthday. Cassie Hillmer of Montello and Jacob Kukla share a Jan. 23 birthday. Bob Becker of Westfield has a Jan. 24 birthday. Cousin Becky Street Heilmeier of Westfield has a Jan. 25 birthday. A safety meeting should be held at the newton college on Jan. 25 to honor the late Professor Howard Rosanske. Corey Boeker of Germania,Tammy Dagner Hackbart of Coloma and Shawn Hassell Potts share a Jan 26 birthday. Glen Tagatz of FL, Suzi Seehaver of east Germania and Chris Wollert of Budsin have a Jan. 27 birthday. Best wishes to you all!

Hello to Liola and Harley Crown of Montello! Happy New Year in return to you both, thanks to Taryn for keeping us connected.

Although it was not aired on TV Saturday, Kyle Risse formerly of Montello, was one of the military members chosen to help with the American flag displayed on the football field during the start of the Green Bay vs. Arizona Cardinals game. Many folks were watching and hoping to see a glimpse of Kyle on the field.

Gary and Archie Snyder of Sherwood, AR had a great day trout fishing on Saturday. Both men caught their limit in just 20 minutes. Kathleen Smith of Cabot, AR called me to brag about wearing her sandals and walking her dog Sophie in the sunshine. She stopped to pick daisies, aka dandelions. I think Mom was dipping in to her supply of Lunch Creek wine.

Thursday Plum Palette of Oxford hosted a painting class in Oxford at Generations. I was happy to join my sister Tara Hamilton, stepmom Mary Goldsmith, and my great friends as we all learned how to create a cardinal on glass windows. Heidi Weishaar, Teresa Beaver,Vicki Zajda and Sherrie Tollefson and I all had a fun time. We loved our creations and the knowledge we absorbed in just a few hours. Thank you to Stacy for hosting the class and cooking our supper, it was delicious. We also enjoyed a sneak peek with Dave Bignell as he helped unload the windows and art supplies for the class his wife was about to teach. Thank you Lisa for turning us all into Picasso.

It was a hectic holiday season with the Schumachers of Richford as health issues plagued their parents. We wish the best of health to you all in the New Year. Mark Scumacher says he has gotten lots of wood cut for his stash before the 10 inches of snow fell. Since then he has gotten busy in his wood shop making palm crosses and a very special unity cross. The cross was a challenge posed by his niece Bethany and her upcoming wedding. The couple will then assemble the cross and its connecting pieces during their ceremony. Mark has also mad several Christmas presents for family, which are now in the paint shop. He tells me that they are a union shop as the paint department belongs to his wife Jan.

The first combined worship service of the calendar year was held at St. John’s of Harrisville two Sundays ago. A fabulous potluck dinner followed. The loose change offering went to the Marquette County Food Pantry.

For those who wish to donate blood, St. Peter’s Lutheran church of Richford will host a Red Cross blood drive at the Richford Community Center on Friday, Feb. 5. You can watch your local newspapers for further details and times. 

Congratulations to Susan Krause of Germania who recently retired and is enjoying life with her daughter, doggies and her beloved. Dick Kemnitz and Susan enjoyed pizza from Germania on Sunday night.

I am very happy to announce that Michael Henke is returning to work at waste management of Berlin. Woo hoo! After breaking his ankle and tearing a ligament in August and not being able to work but still having to keep up with medical bills, he is looking forward to a full week paycheck again. He has been very helpful at home with house chores and such but he has also been bored. Thanks to all for their cards, well wishes and entertaining messages. Now let’s get back to work.