News From Germania


I enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine on my shoulders, the smell of race gas up my nose and seeing all kinds of fast cars go past on Sunday at Dells Raceway Park. Mike and I were very happy to be able to spend an entire day in the great outdoors and enjoy time in the Dells. Ho-Chunk casino sent a card saying they missed me, along with a complimentary room stay, match play money and food coupons so of course we had to take them up on their offer. It was very cool to see the cars back on the track during the 2nd annual Icebreaker 100. Bobby Kendall had his number 11 car ready for the track, Steve Apel made his Dells debut with a new car and set up but quickly spun out and headed back towards home. We wish Steve luck at the Slinger speedway opener. How awesome to bump in to Pa and Ma Cossman as they arrived at the track. My favorite Captain of the BBQ was also there and spied me in the crowd. That is hard to do considering I am 5 foot tall. We also said hello to Paul and Betty Garvey of Montello who were waiting in line for some grub right behind Mike. Thank you Kevin Frohmader for switching nights with me in Germania, it was the perfect day off. I did not strike it rich at the casino though so back to work on Monday.

Mike Rosanske of Beaver Dam and his friend Gustavo joined Mike’s sister Sherrie for dinner in Germania Sunday night. Sherrie and Jerry Tollefson of Montello, their son Landen their daughter Micheala, her sweetie Jake and his daughter Kaiya all enjoyed good conversation as they waited for their food. Chef Kevin was busy while beer deliveryman Don hustled behind the bar. The gang said the pizza was great and of course the drinks were too. Sorry I missed your visit Uncle Blockhead; see you next time.

Dawn and Michael Smith of Ozark, AR enjoyed watching their son Austin Smith compete in track and field on Friday. Austin took part in shot put and a 4x100 relay event. He placed 12th overall out of 24.Good job nephew!

Sunday morning the polka show was blaring through Budsin again. My neighbor to the north made a request for me and I was able to catch it on air. The show host wondered where on earth Budsin was and thought he may get in print so here you are Jeff Heinz. Tuba Dan of Ripon was featured as well. My other half was dancing around the kitchen as he ate his breakfast, and I am sure he doesn’t want me to tell you this but it was heart warming. Mike’s Uncle Byron would be smiling from above to know he enjoys a good Polka. With music like that, your day has to start on a good note.

Happy belated 4th anniversary to TJ and Toni Wollert who celebrated on April 17th. Just one adventure after another for this young couple, may you always be happy and in love.

Our thanks to our baking friend for the awesome loaf of fresh baked wheat bread dropped off at Harris Villa Saturday, it was perfect with our lunch that day. You are so kind.

On Tuesday of last week, Roger and Sandy Kahlhammer of Germania did some shopping in the Richford area. The couple had lunch in Adams and made their way back home when I bumped in to them at Hilltop Grocery. Good to see you both.

Judy Pape of Budsin enjoyed celebrating her birthday with all four of her and Dick’s children. One daughter has lived out of the state of Wisconsin for the past 5 years. Judy received her first orchid plant and is hoping to keep it happy and healthy for many years to come.

Congrats to Jon Heller of Budsin who brought down a double bearded tom turkey on Wednesday last week. The bird weighed 23-plus lbs. Its beards measured 11 inches and 9 inches.

Pastor Tom Mickelson of the Lutheran Tri-Parish of St. John of Budsin, St. Paul of Newton and Trinity of Mecan held an afternoon church service at Harris Villa on Thursday. We thank you for sharing the word of God with us all and for your visit. The cook (that’s me!) caught the tail end of worship and appreciates your time with us.

Friday Mary Lou Janisch of Westfield enjoyed a visit from good friends Lois Marshall of Plainfield and Myrna Kudronowicz of Hancock. The ladies drove over to catch up with Mary Lou and had a great sunny day to do so.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Linda Shultis of Coloma and Phil Gohlke of Neshkoro on April 21st. Jeffrey Mike of Madison has an April 22 birthday to enjoy. Happy anniversary to Bob and Virginia Hoffman of Neshkoro on April 22. On April 23 we wish Joe and Amanda Steuck of Montello a happy 11th wedding anniversary. Happy birthday to Samantha Slowey of Westfield and to Kim Daye of Westfield on April 23. Happy 23rd anniversary to Lisa and John Borzick of Harrisville on April 24. Hugs are sent to Dee Balsiger of Harrisville on April 25th. Happy birthday to Edgar Lange on April 25th.I know two pretty ladies who celebrate their birthday on April 26th,best wishes to Mara Phelps and Kahlen Harju both from Montello. Happy birthday to a pair of Janets on April 27th, Janet Mueller and Janet Sheller. Enjoy your special days.

Congratulations to all the trivia contest winners who played Germania Jeopardy on WAUH radio 102.3 this past Tuesday. George Weiss, the Justice of the Peace in Germania and Teacher John Weckwerth helped to promote our annual Germania Community Development association benefit and parade. This event will take place on Saturday April 30th 11 am to midnight in downtown Germania. DY Johnny Ray helped the men take charge of the contest and hand out many great prizes. A special thanks to the BUG for their help and donations. The winner of the Brewers club seats donated the tickets to the live auction to be held on April 30th. Some folks were listening via live stream on the internet, hello to Gail and Dave Fitzgerald of AZ who listened in. Tropical Harris Villa was also tuned in by way of the kitchen. After all I was the subject of question number 7.Congrats to Bobbi Jo on winning that prize. We hope to raise a lot of money April 30th to help local farmer Ron Ledvina as he battles cancer. A list of donations can be found on the website or at the Longbranch saloon. Donations of any type are appreciated for our live auction and silent auction. Thank you all for your help.

John Weckwerth and Debbie Dahnke of Tuttle Lake enjoyed having Randy and Sue Schatzke over for a day of fishing on the pond. Matt Schatzke and Mallory also joined in the fun. John was proud that he hooked a pussy willow but the others proudly displayed their fish. Paul and Lynn Buchen of Tuttle Lake joined the fun that afternoon. A good time was had by all.

Chris and Terry Wollert of Budsin were excited to celebrate the marriage of Nathan and Amanda Beier. Nathan has been a fixture in the Wollert family since he and TJ started kindergarten together in Neshkoro a few years back. Mom Wollert has some advice for Nathan; Please - just don’t burn any furniture! They all enjoyed having the chef at Beckett’s cook dinner for t them. Congrats to you Nathan and Amanda and many years of happiness.
Chris wants to thank Dad Prochnow for letting her sit and play at the poker table with him. May you always have a pair to open with, and may your deuces always be wild.

The sunshine is calling me outdoors. I have things to plant and pine needles to pile up. Mike was very busy uncovering our yard over the weekend, so I better get busy and do my part. We are scheduled to be without electrical power tomorrow so I am thankful it is plenty warm and toasty. Got to love the tall white pines that surround us. Have a wonderful day.