News From Germania


I am excited to have off this coming Saturday (thank you Lisa!) so I can shop and check out the stops of the Montello Holiday Trail! Of course I should be at home working hard on my own event the following week, but all work and no play makes me dull and cranky. I see that a pie sale is being held at Vaughn Hall, that sounds delicious. At another stop you can buy Papa Murphy's Take and Bake pizzas and so much more. My Christmas list will be in hand. Good luck to all who follow the Montello Holiday Trail and thank you for shopping on a local level.

Well Doorknob David Quinn, you have made Doorknob #2 Julie a happy girl. She just found out that her Air Force Graduation photo had lived for 25 years inside the file cabinet at The Haystack Supper Club. You really did love her, you didn't just like the Bobby Sherman song that lived inside the old juke box. Julie wishes Dave and Cami a happy retirement from many successful years of restaurant life. Now she wants to know where she's gonna find you when she is visiting Wisconsin.

I stopped for lunch at The Chateau on Monday to see my bestest friend Vicki Lou Ann Zajda and ran in to my cousin Bob Goldsmith, Sr. of Springfield township. Bob is still a good conversationalist and we got caught up on the relatives we share. Hello to my cousins on the northwest side of Marquette County.

Jennifer Marcelain Melton arrived home to Westfield last week Thursday. Jennifer stayed with her parents, Dawn and Roger Marcelain.

Happiest of birthday wishes are set to Clinton Marotz of Harrisville on Nov. 19. Nov. 20th belongs to Jonathon Heller of Budsin, Bonnie Marotz of Harrisville and to Tiffany Shultis of Coloma. Happy birthday to my wonderful friend Sherrie Tollefson of Montello on Nov. 23rd, just how old is that woodpile of yours? Best wishes to you all.  May happy Thanksgiving blessings also be upon you all.

Mike and I finally were able to try the fish fry at Rendezvous in Montello last Friday. Our gracious host Charlotte informed us that they would soon be closing for the winter months so our timing was good. I of course do not eat fish or any seafood but Mike enjoyed the breaded cod, loved the cole slaw and also the homemade potato salad. I ordered a medium pizza and could not believe my eyes when it arrived and took up the center of our table. The pizza was awesome!  I like the thick Sicilian style crust, topped generously with cheese and sauce. I chose the Luau pizza with ham and pineapple. It may have taken us both until Monday to finish what was leftover but it didn't matter because the pizza held up perfectly. We will miss you Rendezvous until Spring. Charlotte did mention a family early Christmas event that takes place before they close.

Mabel and Dan Janke of Westfield dined in Harrisville at Mikey's Sportsman's Tavern on Friday. They also enjoyed their meal and have only good things to say about the nearly year-old business.

The talented musical group "Teletones" visited Harris Villa on Tuesday of last week. They rode in on a stick pony and sang many patriotic songs for our residents and staff. Thank you for sharing your afternoon with us, you are all awesome.

Tom Gaulke of Germania just returned home after traveling for 3 weeks abroad. Tom started his journey in Milwaukee and flew to New York. He went from New York to Atlanta, GA and then on to Amsterdam. Tom spent some time in London with friends and then traveled to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. On to Malaysia and Seoul South Korea with Hawaii in his sights. Tom visited the Big Island of Hawaii and flew back to Los Angeles. From there he traveled again to New York and then back home. Tom says it was a wonderful trip going once around the world east bound. This year alone Tom has visited 4 of the world's tallest buildings and seen many things adding to his 65-year-old life experiences. Welcome home, Tom.

I had a very nice chat with Mary Raymond last Tuesday. Mary told me she grew up playing with neighbor kids who happened to be my cousins, Bob and Yvonne Goldsmith in Springfield township. We talked about having really good food in our youth, homemade potato pancakes and pork sausage. Mary and I both enjoy mettwurst. Mary you are a sweet lady, thank you for giving me a view in to the childhood of my cousins and yourself. I love local history and appreciate learning from the source.

Julie and Gary Snyder of Sherwood, AR traveled to Dallas, TX with their good friends Ted and Janna walker for a conference at Grace revolution church in Irving, TX. Pastor ted grew up in TX and did the driving as my sister Jule enjoyed the scenery and took pictures of the huge buildings in Dallas. They all had a great trip and enjoyed sharing the word of God with their fellow parishioners.

Can you think of 5 things to give thanks for today? In honor of Thanksgiving being right around the corner take a moment to do just that. I am thankful to have my health, eyesight and hearing included. I am thankful for great family, thankful for great friends. I am thankful for a house to call my own and a safe neighborhood to live in. I am thankful for all of you who read this column and relate to me on some level and continue to be a reader.