Heaven gained another Angel on July 4 as Ethel Cairns of Westfield/Oxford was called home to spend eternity dancing once again with her beloved husband Roy. Ethel leaves behind 1 wonderful son Kenneth and 2 beautiful daughters Joeldene and Jill as well as many grand children. Ethel lived at Harris Villa most recently and was a joy to know. She had a great sense of humor and a smile that warmed your heart. We all came to love her family as much as her over the years and we thank the family for sharing their lives and loved one with us. May you find peace in knowing Ethel is dancing and smiling and always with you.

Happy 97th birthday to Willard Buchholz of Newton. Grandpa Willard enjoyed a party on July 10th with family, friends and neighbors at the newton town hall . Daughter Mary Rivera made sure Willard had a grand time.

Happy birthday wishes are extended to Amy Henke of Coloma, Bud Corning of Briggsville, Jimmy Frozene of Westfield, and my cousin Dee Erd Voigt all celebrating on July 16th.Scott Labrenz of Lawrence has a July 17 birthday, let’s hope he climbs every mountain with a smile. July 18th we wish Dave Quinn, former mayor of Lawrence, a great birthday. Danette Meissner, Mike Bond of Montello and Dave Borzick of Harrisville also enjoy a July 18th birthday. Brandon Shultis and my cousin Bernie Nibbe have a July 19th birthday. Mick Schimelpfenig of Neshkoro, Nancy Mueller of Montello and Carol Braker of Portage share a July 20th birthday. Hugs to my Vicki Lou and brother Bim as their Momma Phyllis Murdock spends her first birthday in Heaven. We should celebrate with good old country music and greasy fair food! Mike Rosanske of Beaver Dam enjoys a July 21 birthday. Happy anniversary to Dave and Sally Borzick of Harrisville on July 22. Happy birthday hugs to my wonderful friend Kimberly Ruel of south Germania on July 22. Now you are older than me.
Best wishes to you all.

Charlotte porter enjoyed a warm evening in Neshkoro Friday as Jerrod Ebert entertained a crowd at the Concert in the gazebo park. Jerrod's wife Bonnie and children Lina, Clara and Ane joined along in the fun with the youngsters being a real scene-stealer during the performance. This Friday, July 17th you can enjoy the sounds of Vicki Belleville at 7pm. The concerts are sponsored by the Neshkoro Enhancement Committee. Be sure to stop downtown and check out the Neshkoro farm market from 3:30 pm to 6pm,rain or shine.

As you all have read I was awaiting the arrival of my middle sister Julie Snyder from Sherwood, AR. Julie spent a few days in Branson, MO on her way to Wisconsin. Jule was able to attend a Trace Adkins concert on Sunday where she was able to meet his Mom and get his autograph and hand some military patches to Trace as well. Jule remembered to call me and leave a sample of Trace's singing live. On Tuesday Julie saw Colin Raye in concert at the Andy Williams Theater in Branson. She was able to meet Colin and his granddaughter and get his autograph and pictures with him. Julie's week of stalking the stars while enjoying her vacation was quite successful. Late Thursday Julie arrived in Marquette County after wasting an hour or so fighting GPS directions. She is enjoying her stay in Budsin listening to the peace and quiet of nature.

Bethany and Austin Smith of Ozark, AR baked some cookies at home to surprise their Mom Dawn Smith who was at work. The kiddos did a great job and even saved a few cookies to share with their Mom. Saturday Darrell and Kathleen Smith of Cabot, AR drove up to see Dawn and Michael and their 3 children. Bethany was playing the flute in a concert and they were all looking forward to hearing that.

Friday night Julie and I were excited to join 3/4of our family at the Marquette county fair to watch the Bull riding show. We had a great time in between slight heart attacks watching the action in the arena. Roger and Mary Goldsmith of Newton, Tara, Bradyn and Logan Hamilton of Westfield, Garrit Goldsmith of Newton, myself of Budsin and Fred Wenzel of Coloma had great seats among friends and other relatives. Roger Goldsmith had been judging the poultry classes earlier in the day and Julie was excited to watch our dad in action. Julie also got to see our neighbor Doris Marquardt of newton and say hello to her. Our compliments to the Marquette county fair board and all who volunteered to make the 4-day event a great success. The fairgrounds were stuffed full of things to enjoy with live music on all locations of the grounds, great food at reasonable prices ,a clean carnival and grounds . Yee haw you rounded up a great time.

Happy 90th birthday to Liola Crown of Montello who celebrates on July 13th.I hope your day is beautiful, just like you!

Shirley Bethke of Germania is excited to find a link from Bill Tagatz in AZ so that she can go on to her computer at any time and watch a live streaming video of the hummingbirds eating at his feeders. Bill gets droves of the birds all eating together. Shirley was happy to see a young cardinal eating in her yard on Sunday. Don and Shirley had lunch at home with fresh cucumbers from the garden. Saturday their daughter Roxanne Delfosse and her good friend Carmen of Oshkosh dropped in to visit .The ladies made tacos for lunch for all, with lots of leftovers for the rest of the week. All had a nice visit. John Edwards and Bonnie of Montello stopped at The Bethkes to say hello after attending the ATV club meeting at the Longbranch Saloon. Sarah Schild is happy to be back home in Wisconsin with her family. Sarah did enjoy her California adventure. Doug Bethke stopped to raid his parents’ garden before he and Lisa headed off on a fishing trip to Two Rivers, WI. Shirley was happy to be feeling much better the past week.

My good friend of many decades, Bret Lee Meissner of Montfort, WI texted me Sunday with a funny message. Bret's son Bevan came to him looking worried and anxious. Bevan told his dad that he had just drank a bottle of food coloring by mistake. Bret worried and asked if he felt all right? Bevan replied that he was fine but was afraid that he had "dyed" a little inside. Oh boy, Bevan, you are a chip off the old block!  Bret said the kid sure did go a long way for a joke. The comedy gene has been passed along.

Have a great day everyone, do a little rain dance for the farmers and anyone else's garden or flower bed.