Happy New Year to you all! This is the first message of 2015 and so far I have not written the wrong date yet in the new year; always a challenge for me!

The annual Neshkoro Fisheree to be held on the millpond this Saturday will have plenty of safe ice, fun for all. They will have a warming tent set up and hot chocolate, food and prizes so go on out and enjoy the day. You can always pop in to a local business for a warm up, Reetz Meats hot sticks or sausage will warm your tummy too. Good luck to all.

Sandy and Bill Redding of Newton were happy to have lunch at The Chateau last Monday and visit with their adopted daughter Vicki Zajda of Harrisville. They enjoyed their food and the company tremendously.

I was happy to see Jean and Jannel Weir on Friday after work. The ladies were doing some grocery shopping as Jannel prepared to return to college in Sheboygan. Miss jean always lights up a room with her smile and we should be so lucky to all have friends like that.

Happy birthday to my nephew Austin Smith of Ozark, AR who celebrates on Jan. 8. Happy birthday to Diane Fowler of Florida on Jan. 9. Hugs to Heaven on Jan. 9 as Tom Murdock celebrates his first birthday there. Happy birthday on Jan. 11 to Lori Murdock and Rachel Waldmer. Ed Alexander of Princeton, Good Bob Borzick of Neshkoro, Maude Cossman of Harrisville and Gene Kohnke of Harrisville all share a Jan. 12 birthday. Hugs to the family of Vern Slife, as they miss him on his Jan. 13th birthday, also his first one spent in heaven. Lindsianne Hinze Lentz of Newton and Isabella Albright of Harrisville have a Jan. 14th birthday to enjoy. Best wishes to you all.

Congratulations to Micheala Tollefson of Montello who recently graduated from Cosmetology school and will start working at Head 2 Toe Salon this week Wednesday. Head 2 Toe is located at 206 E. Edgewater Street in Portage. Good luck in your new career Mic, I was very happy with my haircut and you hadn't even graduated yet then.

There are a few dogs missing in our area. With the cold weather, they lose their scent trail too easily. Near the intersection of County N and County E , Neshkoro a pair of dogs have run off together. One is a female Brindle/Boxer, brown in color. The other is a Shepard/Husky mix. Please check out Lost Dogs of WI for details and a number to call if you see the dogs. Thank you for your help.

John Clendenning of Packwaukee/Harrisville celebrated his young birthday surrounded by gorgeous women at Timbers Supper Club last Friday. Fireworks went off as they lit his birthday cake. They could be heard as far away as Newton!  Best wishes John for a great year.

Hip Hip Hooray, the Longbranch Saloon in Germania is re-opened for the new year. I will see you there at 5pm on Sunday, back in my usual routine.

With the prior lack of snow cover in central Wisconsin, Mark Schumacher of Richford has been focusing on cutting firewood this winter. Oak wilt is decimating their woods and this was the perfect year to try and catch up with utilizing the dead trees. Mark had been cutting pretty much non-stop since Thanksgiving. With all the time spent in the woods, Mark hasn't even gotten out his ice fishing equipment yet this year. His friend Roger Goldsmith and he had discussed their priorities and Roger determined that you cannot eat firewood. Mark in turn argued that you can't burn bluegills. The jury is still out on who wins this argument. Both men are enjoying themselves and doing what they enjoy in their retirement. The bonus to the act is that they are both getting good exercise in their daily routines.

Jan and Mark Schumacher of Richford enjoyed spending some time with Jerry and Donna Goldsmith of Wautoma last week. They all went to a movie at the Portage Theater and saw "Unbroken." They dined at the Pizza Ranch after the movie. It was nice to catch up with each other’s adventures. 

Bret Meissner of Montfort, WI was happy to spend Christmas with his entire family, having all of his siblings home again. Bret is keeping busy on the 50-acre farm he shares with his wife Amy and their 2 children. Bret was able to meet his good friend Jim Murdock during a DJ gig Jimmy was playing in Madison recently. Bret sends a hello to all of his classmates and friends that may be reading this; we hope to have a get-together soon, so keep your ears open for more details so you can join us.

Bill Tagatz of AZ wants his Wisconsin friends to take back their weather. Bill reports cold temps and snow in AZ while his hummingbirds strive to stay warm at the feeders. I think Dave and Gail Fitzgerald took the cold with them to AZ when they left WI.

Sunday of last week Shirley Bethke of Germania was checking on her weather station from indoors only. She and Don stayed warm and made chicken soup with homemade noodles on Wednesday. Last week Don joined his son Doug for a ride to Good Old Days on Puckaway. Doug's friend Lisa had made peanut brittle and it was so good. She will be happy to return to work full time this week, and stop making so many goodies at home. Shirley noticed that her natural curls are coming back in her hair and has been enjoying not needing to have a permanent set in. I am still waiting for my natural curls to grow in. Most of my siblings have waves and such; where are mine?  Friday John Delfosse of Oshkosh drove to Germania with his granddaughters to visit don and Shirley. Maddie and Molly accidentally turned off the internet router and had Great-grandma Shirley wondering what had happened to her computers for a bit. The little ones played dress-up and enjoyed entertaining the family. Lisa Schild of Colgate, WI has been busy working many hours and was unable to come visit this weekend. Don and Shirley enjoyed fresh strip steaks from Stoneridge last week, having them cut to their liking for free. Don made a salad to go with their dinner on Sunday. They have been enjoying homemade fruitcake from Christmas too. They can easily hibernate just like the Germania bear with enough food in the house, heat in the tank and DirecTV and internet for entertainment.

Have a wonderful week ya'all. I hope my friends that are vacationing in Florida this week can pack a ton of sunshine in their bags to return home to Wisconsin. Please share. Stay warm and smile because LP this winter is very low priced. Thank goodness.