If you cannot find me, I may have run away from home. This summer is going by way too fast and I have been keeping myself way too busy! I feel the need to drive somewhere else, and hide from the world for a few days-no phone, no computer, no worries. I think my sister Julie Snyder can relate, as she also has taken on many big projects this spring and summer. Hey, Jule, gas up Stella the Charger and book the timeshare for 2...don't even care where (as long as it is sunny and warm.) That is all. Thank you.

The Rose family reunion was held at the Dakota Town Hall Sunday, July 20th with 27 direct descendants of Deane and William Rose in attendance. We also had 2 guests attend, as my mom Kathleen and step dad Darrell  were here to visit from  Cabot, Arkansas. Mom enjoyed seeing so many relatives that she had known in her first marriage. Terry Gehrke of Wautoma recalled the time mom helped him drag a deer out of the woods while hunting near our home then in Marquette County. Joyce Rose Daum of Oshkosh has put a lot of time in to tracing the family tree over the years. Her late daughter Jane Daum also helped with putting it all down on paper. Now the torch needs to be passed along and I think this will be a group effort between my cousins Trina and Lori and I, as well as Blanche Yohn. We have a good history of data collected and hope to continue in the future adding new members and keeping it all together. No worries Joyce, we got this!

Happy birthday to Bill Redding and Bobbie Jo Carpenter of Newton and Gertrude Berndt of Westfield, Burt Nikoley of Montello all sharing a July 23 birthday. On July 24th my nephew Avery Snyder of Nashville, TN enjoys turning 21. Michelle Hoffman of Neshkoro, Aaron Olsen of Minnesota, Mike Gartland of Amherst and Marcia Lobby Lee of Westfield all enjoy their July 24th birthday. July 25th I wish Penny and Mick Schimelpfenig of Neshkoro a happy anniversary as well as Jim and Maude Cossman of Harrisville.  My cousin Karen Olsen of Minnesota has a birthday on July 25 and so does my cousin Shane Goldsmith of Westfield. July 26th belongs to the great Bill Warp of Iowa. Happy birthday to brother and sister Ben and Corrina Knoch of Westfield on July 27th. July 28th my cousin Jolene Settergren, a Springfield township native and Danny O'Matta of Coloma, Delores Bowe of Pewaukee enjoy their special day. July 29th is a busy day of birthdays with Pat Raftery of Westfield, Kyle Hillmer of Montello, Sue Kopach of Coloma, Corbin Hodge Kline of Westfield, Laurie Winkler Wacholz of Coloma, my cousin Shelly Spatz of Coloma and Dave Hobo Hutchinson of Hancock all enjoying their days. The best day of the entire month is July 30th as I celebrate another year alongside John Weckwerth of Tuttle Lake, Diane Mike of Madison, Laura Helms of Coloma and Jamie Gessner of Newton. Best wishes to all.

This Friday the Neshkoro farmer's market continues in downtown Neshkoro, just across from Nappy's in the parking lot of the former Elegant Trends building. The Spring Lake store will return with fresh fruit, fresh produce and much more. Hillside bakery should return with awesome freshly made bread, cookies and pies. Farm fresh free-range eggs can be found at Goldy's gardens stand along with kale, new potatoes, sunflower bouquets and so much more. I am running low on my salsa but will have new surprises in store for you to discover. You can find us all there from 3:30-6:30pm Friday July 25th. After that the concert in the park series continues with Luke the Drifter/Urban Hillbillies show. I will see you there with my toes a tapping to the beat. This band will entertain all with Country and country rock tunes.

Last Monday Jerome and Vonda Rae Zuelke of Newton stopped to shop at The Cupboard in Wautoma. They found an electric fireplace for romantic evenings at home this coming winter. Aunt Linda assured me that if they snuggled around the fireplace it would not be on the floor, unless they called ahead for help to get back up! 
Shirley Hill and Sandy Daye of Montello had dinner at Timbers Supper Club last Monday. The ladies were celebrating Shirley's 30th year of WI residency. A good time was had by all within 3 feet of these two fun loving ladies.

Congrats to my nephew Austin Smith of Ozark, AR who was selected for the 2nd band, 1st chair at the University of AR-Monticello Jazz Camp. Austin is blossoming as a musician and we are so proud of his versatility. Austin is the son of Michael and Dawn Smith.

The breakfast club has expanded their direction of meetings recently. Although the Shoebag is still missing, Roger Goldsmith, Don Lange and Fred Wenzel all joined together at Sparks in Montello last week. The men still couldn't find Shoebag this Monday so they headed to El Popo in Wautoma for breakfast. Hello to Chris Lange who was working hard at The Knock Shoppe of Newton.

Don and Shirley Bethke of Germania told me a funny one when I called on Sunday. I was having trouble getting my words out correctly so Shirley said her Mom used to say that you'd gotten your tongue caught on your eyetooth and you couldn't see what you were saying. Touché. The Bethke bird daycare was all a flutter again this weekend as baby Finches and Grosbeak came and went to feed. They all kept Shirley entertained. Doug Bethke and his wonderful Lisa stopped in to fill the feeders up and help with some chores around the house. Monday Shirley was feeling perky and joined Don for a ride to Princeton. They enjoyed the scenery and admired the corn crops. A raccoon at home did battle with their sunflower seed feeder. Friday Don and Shirley headed to Wautoma to the Dr. After returning home they had company as their grandson Scott Delfosse of Oshkosh came to check things on the farm. Penny and dawn Tagatz of Waukesha dropped in to say hello too. Sunday Doug Bethke and Lisa were busy canning pickles and Brussels sprouts from their garden. Don and Shirley have been devouring fresh veggies at home and loving every morsel of the peppers and broccoli. Kohlrabi is huge this year. A surprise knock happened upon their door Sunday as Greg Wianecki of Montello stopped in with a memento from the old Germania tavern that Shirley’s parents ran. This item came from Hubie and Henry's bar, which was before Stuart Friedrich's time of ownership I think? What a nice surprise. Glen Tagatz had called from FL to say he was at home after a few health issues upon his return from WI. We wish glen good health.

Kathleen and Darrell Smith of Cabot, AR spent a few days honeymooning in Branson, MO. The couple drove there from central AR and stayed at a timeshare courtesy of my sister Julie and her husband Gary Snyder. Mom and Darrell enjoyed a cruise aboard the Branson Belle riverboat and did some shopping at the Branson landing mall. Then they headed north, more on that next week.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy July before it passes us by.