The spring air is perfumed with the sweet scent of apple blossoms, Lily of the valley, fresh rainfall and green grass. It is relaxing to sit outdoors and take it all in. Mix in the song of birds in the trees and a small paradise appears in your own yard. It takes a lot of hard work to transform my tree covered thick with pine needles yard in to a lawn but thanks to some able bodied help, a lawn sweeper and the turkeys who fluffed it all up for me months ago the grass is filling in. Enjoy the renewal, find strength in the serenity and all will be right with the world.

Chris Wollert of Budsin thought that she had her best Mother's day gift 2 weekends ago because all the Wollerts were able to spend time together. Saturday TJ Wollert of the USAF had a 21-hour layover in Chicago while en route to japan. TJ's family from central Wisconsin took full advantage of the opportunity to spend it together. They had a great trip and TJ landed safely in japan to join up with his beautiful wife Toni for their next shared adventure.

This past weekend Chris and terry Wollert of Budsin were happy to spend time with their son Casey, his wife Jenny and their daughter Presley. Son Tyler, his wife Nicole and their dog were also in Budsin for the day. Casey's pets made the trip also. Chris, Jenny and Presley took a ride to the Amish greenhouse and found some wonderful flowers to plant in the Budsin garden. Chris enjoyed dinner cooked by the men and all the gifts bestowed upon her. She felt like a very, very lucky Mom.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Kim Goldsmith of Edgerton, Audra Byczynski of Plover, Amanda Wells and Sandy Wruck Fowler of Harrisville celebrating on May 16th. My Auntie Marge Danner will spend her first birthday in heaven on May 16th. We miss you so much. James Love of Harris Villa has a may 17th birthday to enjoy. On May 19th Roberta Johnson of Westfield turns 99 years young! May 20th we wish Dawn Albright of Westfield and Trina Gehrke Wollersheim of Oshkosh a great birthday. Best wishes to you all.

Mona Hammond of WA spent time visiting family in Wautoma, WI  and Berlin, WI this past week. Mona and her sister Donna Lyons of Berlin shopped at The Cupboard on Monday and spent quality time with their cousin Linda Lindell of Wautoma. Mona I hope you have a wonderful trip, and hopefully I will get to see you.

I am proud of my sister Tara Hamilton of Westfield who shot her turkey this past weekend after a few attempts in the woods. Tara and her 2 adorable sons Logan and Bradyn helped me pick rhubarb on Friday. Too bad the kiddos aren't big enough to help me cut it up! Harris Villa thanks you for the stock supply of yummy rhubarb.
Congratulations to Tonya Marx and Andy Henke of Sparta who were married on May 9, 2015 at Wood-Lin farm in Westby, WI. The couple held a beautiful outdoors ceremony on the farm of the bride's parents. Family and friends wished them well on their special day. Andrew is the son of sherry and Jim Henke of Waupun, grandson of Alice and George Henke of Neshkoro. Tanya is the daughter of Elwood and Linda Marx of Westby, WI. Uncle Mike wishes you many years of happiness, fight nice and never mind the small stuff.

Don and Missy Heller of Budsin and Germnaia enjoyed having Mother's Day off and spending it up north with their kids and grand kids. All went fishing out on Lake Julia with grandson Nathan catching dinner. I am wondering if Billy the goat went along on the fishing trip, because hey, whatever "floats your goat!" Happy Mother's day Mincie and Elizabetsy.

Rock on BTF! June 6 at Sunnyview Expo in Oshkosh, WI you can get tickets to see 4 different live bands play from 1pm to 9:30pm. This event supports those who fight against cancer in WI under the guidance of The Brandon Thielke foundation. There will be a kid's area, arts and crafts and karate demo along with games for the children to enjoy. General admission is $10 in advance or $12 at the door with kids 6-12 just $5. 5 and under get in free. You can purchase tickets and reserve campsites at The foundation will not be holding its annual motorcycle ride this year.

Last Sunday Ken and Eunice Soda of Princeton dropped in to visit with don and Shirley Bethke of Germania. The Bethkes appreciated the visit and their time spent visiting. The Sodas were heading home to catch the final episode of MASH, a classic they had not yet been able to catch in its entirety. On Thursday of last week Jane Tuinstra of Germania dropped off some fresh caught fish for The Bethkes. Don fried up trout and prepared lunch for he and Shirley. Friday Don headed off to town for groceries while Shirley held down the fort. He picked up some steaks for the grill. Lisa Schild flew out to CA to spend time with her daughter Sarah. Sarah and friends were soon heading to Spain for a vacation. Sarah had messaged her family from the London airport on Sunday to let them know all was going well. Sunday Roxanne and John Delfosse of Oshkosh brought over lunch for Mother's day with Shirley and Don. John did the cooking and Shirley did the napping. Fresh flowers were put out on the deck to enjoy. Doug Bethke and his Lisa stopped in to wish Shirley a great day. Shirley was sipping on buttermilk to settle her stomach and enjoying movies with Don from the couch perch.

Pauline and Pete Petersdorff of Harrisville will once again be roaming with the Dorff travelers come September. This year their trip will take them to Minnesota, Pauline's home state. They still have room available on the bus so give them a call if you'd like more information. A fun time will be had by all.

Mary Ellen and Gus Thalacker of Harrisville enjoyed fresh asparagus for dinner last week, diligence in picking pays off. Just watch for the wood ticks that hide in that tall grass. 

Marlene and Jerry Cagney of Westfield have returned to the area after wintering in Florida. Welcome back to the snowbirds, we have missed you. Come collect your hugs soon