News From Germania


I hope all Moms enjoyed their special day. My babies have all been fur babies but I still appreciate those who wished me a happy day. I loved my dogs more than life itself, they were the best kid I could have ever chosen .I will soon be able to deliver a mother's day hug to my Mom Kathleen Smith in person. After my return I will deliver a special gift to my step Mom Mary Goldsmith of Newton. I am traveling to AR to see my nephew Austin Smith graduate from high school and promise to take almost as many pictures of the event as Mary would herself. I will then print off copies and deliver to Mary or her scrapbooking pleasure. Grandpa Roger and Grandma Mary will be traveling vicariously through me so they can also witness a grandchild graduating in to adult life. Austin will be attending college at UW-AR.

My Mom Kathleen Smith joined my sister Dawn Smith to watch my niece Bethany perform in a school band competition in Jonesboro, AR. I was able to see some of the concert via video on Facebook thanks for sharing. I also enjoyed by video my nephew Austin playing trumpet at his final high school jazz choir concert, thanks to his grandma Nancy Smith for sharing.
Dear Pat and Don Sybell of Adams, your special hug has been delivered!  Many thanks to nurse Barb W. for passing along our messages across the miles. I hope you both are enjoying your day and happily keeping track of all the wildlife visiting your yard. I was watching a Phoebe pair start their nest as usually happens this time of year, but one day I came home to brown feathers and no more Phoebe activity. The Budsin kitties are on my list!

The Coloma area historical society will be hosting its annual flea market in the Coloma community park beginning May 28th. You can contact them for a space. Every Saturday from may through October you can also shop at the "Coloma Mall" rummage sale in the Calvary United Methodist church on Westfield road. This is always a fun place to find treasures and help support a local organization.

Roger Goldsmith of Newton has been busy hunting turkey during the WI spring season but so far the birds are winning this year's battle. Dad is busy planting gardens instead of being outwitted by a bird, until Wednesday when he gives them one more chance to surrender. Dad says all the stupid birds have been bagged, the smart ones are left.

Hello to the Mayor of Lawrence. I am going to invent a phone for you that you cannot lose!  The Mayor says the flowers are up and the suckers are up in the creek, Spring is awesome in downtown Lawrence if you can appreciate the sounds of nature.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Anita Payne of Coloma and Lela "Mae" Butler of Westfield on May 11th. Happy birthday to Kathy Jo Locke of Westfield on may 12th. Happy birthday to Kim Goldsmith of Edgerton, Amanda Wells of Westfield, Sandy Wruck Fowler of Harrisville and Audra Bycynski of Coloma on May 16th. Thinking of my late Auntie Marge on May 16th as she celebrates in heaven on her May 16 birthday. Hugs are also sent to the family of James Love, Sr. on May 17th. May you all be blessed on your special days.

Mike and I were able to enjoy a night in Montello Friday during the annual Fish ‘n Fun weekend. We were so happy to see Captain Jack Frost and his lovely wife Beth serving their famous pulled pork out of their vending trailer. As always the pork was perfectly prepared and so tasty. Their homemade coleslaw is also delicious and I am not even a coleslaw eating girl. We ate our dinner while listening o the great local band "Keep Off the Grass." The band sounded great and looked fantastic in the sunset of a nice day.  I got a hug from dawn Cumberland, so great to see you! We also found a stand serving fresh made corndogs, yum, and enjoyed one while taking a walk on the dredge bank. Several pairs of Canadian geese and mallard ducks kept us entertained as they landed on the lake. Captain jack was sold out Saturday by 8 pm but that made for a well-deserved break while the band "Road Trip" packed the lot.

As I said earlier, the local wild turkeys seem to be educated this Spring. The first morning of Spring first season hunt Mark Schumacher of Richford has some Toms hang up on him when he called. The 3rd morning a group of jakes stumbled in to his decoys and Mark picked out one of the bigger birds. No luck. Not to be outdone, the same group stumbled in to my dad's set up (they may have been a flock of slow learners?) and Dad harvested the other large one of the bunch. Mark says that a dumb turkey does indeed taste as good as a smart one so no worries. Mark is finding it somewhat embarrassing to be outwitted by a bird that has a brain the size of a peanut.  But Mark did redeem himself when he harvested a 23-pound turkey last Wednesday on the first morning of the 3rd season. His turkey had an 11-inch beard. This turkey actually did respond to Mark's calls unlike the first season birds. This one did respond to his calls and came marching right in.

A fundraising event is slated to be held Sunday, May 15th from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Middleton Fire Station Number 1, 7600 University Ave, Middleton, WI. Standing strong-fueled by tacos will be raising funds for Hayley Krause and Ari Meyer, 2 students of Kromery Middle School who were struck by a reckless driver on April 21, 2016. Both girls sustained serious injuries and were hospitalized. The driver that hit them has been charged, was driving with a suspended license and was not insured. The girls continue to recover at home but have a long path before them. Please attend if you are able. You can find more info on the fire station's website. My thanks to Brad Subera for calling my attention to this fundraiser.

I am doing my rain dance today with hopes of more than a tenth falling from the sky. Gardens are planted, flowers too, here’s hoping the rain may fall on you. Happy days everyone, enjoy yourself.