Congratulations to Mary Jane Bandt of Coloma who was named the 2014 Waushara County Citizen of the Year. Mary Jane and her husband Arden have long been outstanding citizens of the area with their many volunteer efforts to clubs and local organizations of all types. Mary Jane was surprised to win as she was unaware she had even been nominated. May her smile continue to shine in Coloma, a true gem in her community.

Many thanks to all that stopped in to see us at Harris Villa assisted living this past Friday and Saturday as we held our annual crafter/vendor fair. We had 12 different sellers this year and a Saturday visit by Theo the Coati, a South American raccoon, and his loving owner Margaret Suter. We saw many friendly faces of friends, relatives and neighbors and appreciated your visit! It is truly a gift to be able to showcase our wares and have an outlet for our handi-crafts in this beautiful building that many call home. We appreciate your respectfulness towards our surroundings. My personal thanks to the residents of Harris Villa who allow me to organize this event, now in its 3rd year. It was so nice to see your smiles and have you join in the fun.

We were excited to be a stop for a bachelorette party that took place Saturday. Bride-to-be Sarah Rainey of Montello. The girls were dressed festively as they traveled to many places and enjoyed time together. Sarah was followed by her sisters Amber and Dawn Rainey, friends Julie Longtin, Kimberly Whalen, Susan Krause, Dawn Tuinstra, Ashley Wegner, Jessica Schmidt and Delia Barrera. Pictures were taken with Theo the Coati while they perused the items for sale in the activity room at Harris Villa. Congratulations to Sarah on her upcoming wedding.

Dick and Donna Berndt of WI Rapids dropped in to say hello to folks at Harris Villa on Friday. Hello to big Sweet Pea! Donna and Linda goldsmith Lindell of Wautoma remembered that they used to be bus mates many years ago in Newton. Hello to Doris Henke, Donna’s mother, we send you a big hug.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Kendra Rozek of Westfield  on Dec 4.Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Helen and Reverand  Lee Meissner on Dec 5. Happy birthday to David Kanara of Harris Villa celebrating on Dec 5. Happy 39th wedding anniversary to Nadine and Dave Klapoetke of Harrisville on Dec 6. My mom, Kathleen Smith of Cabot, AR is still counting backwards the candles on her birthday cake on Dec 6. Happy birthday to Paulene Purdy on Dec 8. Scotty Zuehls of Shields has a Dec 9 birthday alongside Virginia York of Westfield and Troy Houghton. Happy 26th wedding anniversary to John and Carol Clendenning of Harrisville on Dec 10th. Kurt the Ogre and Debbie Fiona Albright of the gated community near Harrisville also have an anniversary of several decades to celebrate on Dec 10th. Samantha Street of Jefferson, Carol Kryscio of Harrisville, Pam Peterson of Oxford, and Jiffer Marcelain of VA all share a Dec 10 birthday. Best wishes to you all.

Tom and Bill Gaulke of Germania and Bill's son all enjoyed pizza at the Longbranch Saloon on Sunday night. The Packer game was still in progress, so the men could root on our favorite team while eating their favorite pizza. Many folks were having their "last supper" at the Longbranch Saloon on Sunday. To explain this, the Longbranch will be closed for the month of December. So technically, it was the last supper of 2014 only. Don and Missy will re-open their business on Thursday, Jan. 1 at 11 am. Cortney Oakes Drew and Scrappy Too were dining in Germania with their gynecologist. Cortney had her bartending debut while helping Missy Heller. She determined that Scrappy is allergic to ice cubes. A Cortney burger was made and enjoyed for her last supper.

John Weckwerth and Debbie Dahnke of Green Lake and Tuttle Lake did some shopping in Westfield and Harrisville on Saturday. They stopped to check out the happenings at Harris Villa, met Theo and then traveled back to Germania for dinner Saturday night. John was as thrilled as a kid at Christmas with his thick crust pizza made specially for him by Missy Heller. John must have been on the good list? 

Jeff and Pauline Kidd of Montello visited with David Kanara and Burt Nickoley of Montello on Saturday. The wonderful couple also delivered a few warm hugs as I was able to chat with them at Harris Villa. Always good to see you both, friendships are a blessing, a gift to behold.

Tom and Phyllis Murdock of Montello had a nice Thanksgiving together with their family on Thursday. Vicki Zajda and her parents made homemade noodles for the meal. Wow, I haven't seen that process since my Grandma Wilma made her recipe. They all enjoyed a great meal.

Dick Kemnitz and Susan Krause of Germania were also in the last supper club Sunday as they had pizza in Germania with friends from church.

Be sure to check out the upcoming quarter auction Dec 7 at the Harrisville Community Center on County Road J, Westfield. This is an event to raise money for the Shop with a Cop Marquette County annual outing later in December. Doors open at noon with the auction starting at 1pm to 4pm. This is a cross between an auction, a raffle and bingo. Items from local vendors and crafters and businesses will be auctioned off for 1 to 4 quarters per item. It is a lot of fun including food and drink and the chance to win raffle prizes. Tickets to get in the door are $5 and can be purchased through any vendor or at the door. If you wear a Christmas shirt or sweater, you will receive a free paddle to bid with. Please visit the Facebook page for more details. I do have tickets available if you'd like to come and see how fun and exciting a Sunday afternoon in Harrisville can be. This supports such a great program for our area youth as well. Thank you!

Don Heller of Germania shot a nice 8-point buck with a 21-inch spread. The large buck dwarfed his grandchildren who posed with Don for a picture. Dustin Bethke of Neenah shot a 10-point buck with a 19 3/8 inch spread on Tuesday night. For all of your hunting and fishing needs, call Ben Quinn Guide services of Lawrence and Ohio. He bags 'em, you tags 'em. 

Shirley and Don Bethke of Germania had fun watching the football games over the weekend. The dogs get confused over all of the yelling that takes place as the Packers score, though. Monday, the Germania hunters were around and Dustin had lunch with Don and Shirley. Tuesday Dustin shoveled the deck for his grandparents. Doug Bethke helped Don with some snow blowing in the driveway. Wednesday Kassie and Dustin Bethke and their baby Blake of Neenah surprised Don and Shirley with a visit. Thursday Don cooked dinner at home and created home made cream of celery soup. Shirley says it was delicious! Friday Dustin and Scotty returned for lunch at their grandparents. Don saw a Redwinged blackbird on the porch and hopes that means spring is just around the corner. Me too. Scotty Delfosse shot a deer on Saturday to fill the freezer. Saturday Doug Bethke got a deer. Shirley talked to Danelle Bethke of Neenah by phone. Danelle is excited about wedding plans as she and her fiancé Jordan plan to be married on her birthday in 2015. Doug and Lisa took a ride to MN to spend thanksgiving with her family. It was a very nice trip. Shirley is on the lookout for salt cod; give her a call if you see it in any grocery stores. ‘tis the season. Don and Shirley did get to Oshksoh and saw Rox and John Delfosse's new condo and Brett and Nicole Delfosse's foundation as their basement is poured this week.

Brrr, I can't sit still any longer as my fingers are cold and my feet are numb. This extreme cold snap can change its attitude soon. I cannot adjust this fast. Having a few days of 40 temps sure felt good. Solar power is dwindling today, the sun is already hiding between pine trees and no longer warming my living room. Think warm thoughts and have a great week.