Let the fall baking begin!  Some days lately, the house may feel chilly but the temperature outdoors does not quite warrant having the furnace run constantly. On such days, I turn on my oven and bake goodies or a roast. Having fresh apples available I made apple bread and apple crisp. Then I turned the rest of a loaf of Italian bread in to homemade croutons, baked a loaf of Multi-grain bread and roasted some squash seeds. By the end of all this, the house was plenty warm and I had to open a window! Oh it all smelled so good but I did not eat sparingly. Finding out that your dad weighs just a few more pounds than you do discouraged me from making a pig of myself. Thankfully a recent visit to the Dr. proved that I am healthy so now I just need to shrink width wise. Good Lord, I cannot afford to lose any height.

My sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Elda Quinn of Westfield who recently passed away at age 88. Miss Elda was spunky and always quick humored. We really enjoyed getting to know her better while she lived at Harris Villa. Elda played cards daily, sometimes twice daily with her friends at the Villa. She looked forward to her weekly appointment at Hair Creations with Kelly. Elda always looked beautiful, before and after each appointment. Elda and her loving daughter Kathy Jo enjoyed "going to visit the Indians" as often as possible. Elda will be sadly missed and we wish peace to her family.

Charlotte Porter was able to attend the Al Stewart performance at the McComb-Bruchs performing arts center in Wautoma Friday night. Charlotte was also able to get Al's autograph on a poster. She says he sounded just as good today as he did in the 70's, very enjoyable show.

Virginia Mickolajczyk was happy to celebrate her birthday Oct 14th with her 2 daughters Sharon and Sheila while dining together in Harrisville. The ladies had potato pancakes at Harris Villa enjoying the company of the residents. Bud and Shirley corning were very nice to chat with at the table. Virginia was honored with a yummy birthday cake and song led by the talented Dawn Albright. Ginny was especially happy to see her baby girl Sheila and let her help clean away some things. Sheila has that magic touch. Chef Larry stayed home but had helped Ginny celebrate her birthday earlier in the month. It is hunting season after all, the man has obligations to fulfill.

Dawn and Michael Smith of Ozark, AR and their children enjoyed an old-fashioned town square gathering in Ozark, AR on Saturday. They had sunny weather and fun outdoor Fall activities on hand. Last Sunday, our Mom Kathleen and our step-dad Darrell Smith of Cabot, AR held their first official family lunch get together at their home. Julie Snyder of Sherwood, AR was able to join in the fun. Mom made WI cheddar soup and garlic bread, another soup and dessert. Darrell's son Jeremy and his wife Shantel and their 2 boys joined the fun along with Darrell's daughter Wendi Roberts and her 2 daughters. It sounds like I missed a good family time. 

Grandma Chris Wollert of Budsin enjoyed time with her granddaughter Presley Christine on the weekend. The ladies watched the football game and NASCAR race, hoping that Matt Kenseth would pass " Crashlowski" on the final lap but 2nd place is not horrible! 

Happy birthday to my sweet aunt Christine Goldsmith of Dakota on Oct 23rd. Happy anniversary to Shaniqua and her man of Montello on Oct. 23rd, many years under their belt. Happy 13th birthday to Tahya Reetz of Coloma and DeeDee Ronke of Germania on Oct. 24th. Happy anniversary to Dave and Sue Kopach of Coloma, celebrating on Oct. 25th. Happy birthday to Dan Janke of Westfield on Oct. 26th. He's surely got some stories to tell of past birthday adventures! Happy birthday to Lydia Johnson, Kim Schraufnagel of Harrisville and Morgan Vetrone of Coloma who will be 12 on Oct 27th.Oct 28th we wish Bryce Rozek of Westfield, Bud Bagley of Neshkoro and Merna Frozene of Westfield a great day. Best wishes to you all.

Welcome back the HCE, who has resumed their monthly outings for the season. Lois Harring of Germania and Mary Jean Thalacker of Harrisville represented their club with an afternoon visit to Harris Villa last Friday. The ladies shared some fall crafts and decor, adorable pumpkin name patches and sweets while enjoying conversation with several residents of our facility. Our thanks to this wonderful club for sharing their afternoon .If Lois Harring is flapping her arms,you will soon be laughing along with her.

John Weckwerth of Budsin visited with friends Sunday afternoon in Germania. Tom and Bill Gaulke of Germania dropped by to admire the view of downtown Germania. The brothers had a pizza at the Longbranch Saloon after their visit with John and Mr. Dana Andreas. Bill gives a shout out to Reetz meats and Groceries in downtown Neshkoro, WI. Reetz home smoked liver sausage has become a favorite breakfast item of the Gaulkes. 

Welcome new residents Linda and John to Germania, may you enjoy your new home and our wonderful little town.

Jonathon and Missy Heller of Germania and Budsin headed to Rhinelander last weekend to winterize their cottage. They took out the pier, covered the boat and cleaned out the fridge. What no fishing?? Their neighbor called to check on the policy of salamander removal. Don advised that Missy could handle that pest problem so she told the guy to shove the creature back out the hole it came in from. Missy showed the renter where the frogs hibernate and how happy they were. Don Heller got his ears lowered sometime since I last had seen him, but it is once again beard season in Germania.

Don and Shirley Bethke of Germania were happily watching football Sunday when I called. Last Monday pastor Busse of Princeton dropped by to give the Bethkes communion. They had a nice visit and appreciate his friendship. Thursday Shirley tells me that she decided she could not stay at home any longer! They called their friends john Edwards and Bonnie carpenter of Montello and met for some quality time. Friday daughter Lisa Schild came to visit her parents in Germania. Lisa stayed until Saturday helping change the bedding and cleaning in the basement. Friday night the family had dinner at Mecan River Outfitters. Shirley discovered roast duckling on their menu and devoured every tasty morsel. the duck was topped with raspberry sauce and she chose a side dish of wild rice. Sunday Jim and patty Kuhn of Germania visited with the Bethkes. The Kuhns had also dined at Mecan river on Saturday but at different times than the Bethkes. Jane Tuinstra of Germania and Alexis Krueger and her son Lane dropped in to visit with Don and Shirley Sunday afternoon. The ladies brought some fresh fish over to share. While Alexis and Adam were fishing near the Germania dam one night they encountered a bear. That made for a scary night of fishing in the dark. Sunday morning The Bethkes made it to church at Calvary Lutheran in Princeton. Shirley was so happy to see her fellow parishioners and thankful to Bonnie for keeping a nurse's eye on her during the service. It was great to get out so much during the week and enjoy life outside the walls of the house.

The Lawrence mayor has been busy digging holes, and pounding his own corn meal. Bob got some corn from Goldy's gardens of Newton, dried it on the wood cook stove and ground until new muscles appeared. He baked a large pan of cornbread with his fresh cornmeal. If anyone knocks this, they don't have the ambition to do what the Mayor does. Your raspberry pie rocks, that crust was just like my Grandma would make.

'Tis the season of crafting and creating once again as I gear up for our annual taste and tour adventure This summer I had more opportunities to create beaded jewelry. Most likely when it rained and Tuttle Lake wasn't an option! I will be joined by many awesome vendors once again. We will welcome a pampered chef consultant Dawn Bitsky, Tastefully Simple returns with Nikki and Megan, Tara's tutus and Mary Kay products will be on hand, new this year will be glass painted creations by Kelsey, and Beauticontrol returns with Sarah's smiling face. Wanda Reeder and her wonderful doll clothes moves from a previous stop to our location and of course many treats, salsa and more will be in store for your shopping pleasure. Time to get busy!