When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and enjoy it. When Mike's tractor broke on Friday night up in Maribel, WI while attempting to place in a tractor pull he didn't dwell on it and get ornery. He decided that we would make it a great weekend and go to the Dells Raceway Park on Saturday instead. In years past, he would have tried to fix it and most likely stayed up all night doing so. The quick repair may not have fixed things properly and would have broke again soon.  Now with age comes wisdom, I suppose. We enjoyed perfect weather for a short track race Saturday. Racing legend Dave Marcis was on hand to help honor the late  Marlin Walbeck; always a pleasure to hear Dave speak and see his genuine smile. We also got to watch Bobby Kendall of Montello race and take home a 5th place finish in the black #11 car. 11-year-old Colin Slife of Richford, WI won first place in the Midwest Bando series in his #31 car. Colin spoke like a champ in winner's circle. Todd Behling did a great job in the announcer's booth that evening and we had an enjoyable time. By Sunday night, the tractor was back in the shed and a diagnosis was made. If the lemons life hands you don't make a strong enough lemonade to cure all, you can always add a little vodka!

How wonderful to see Jan McCarron of Plainfield and her mother LaVeila Schwersenska of Wautoma enjoying an afternoon together at heartland house during their carnival on June 22nd. Looking good ladies, love those smiles. 

Happy birthday wishes go out to Jim Neeb, Stephanie Marcelain and Susie Mashuda all celebrating on July 1. July 2 Terri Galbraith Malnory of Neshkoro, Doris Henke of Port Edwards enjoy a birthday. Happy wedding anniversary to Tammi and Brian Marshall of Westfield on July 2. Big hugs are sent to Donna Hyames of Newton, you are thought of often and especially on July 3. Happy birthday to Morgan Polk of Montello on July 3.Happy July 4 birthday to Christina Lyon of North Carolina, Jim Kronschnabel of Harrisville, Brad Tagatz, Madalyn Joy and to Ralph Schulte of Montello. Happy birthday July 5 to Dan Lang of Madison, Arlene Meyer, Danielle Boon, Jan Fowler of Harrisville, Shelby Jean Kegel of Ohio and to Terry Hintz  of Hintz farm trucking Happy 30th anniversary to Candy and Dave Kukla of Portage celebrating on July 6. Happy birthday to Dave Bohnsack on July 7. Best wishes to you all.

It was great to see "Fiona" at the grocery store in Westfield on Friday. Fiona, aka Deb Albright, was busy getting ready for her grand daughter's birthday party after working at Westfield Machining. Get well wishes to the Ogre.

Ken and Elizabeth Hell of Newton took their children Nathan and Aubriella to Tomah last week so that they could all enjoy the truck and tractor pulls. Despite heavy rainfall, they had a great time. Don and Missy Heller of Germania/Budsin went up north to mow the grass and found a family of Canadian geese taking care of that for them. After the geese enjoyed a dinner they took off on to lake Julia.

The first annual Neshkoro farm market held last Friday was a great success. About 6 vendors brought their fresh raised produce, flowers and plants, baked goods and bulk foods down to the lot to sell. You could also find handmade birdhouses and crafts for sale. Mom and Me bakery and Hillside Mennonite bakery provided many choices of fresh baked goods to all. Spring Lake country store will have fresh fruit available as it becomes ripe from across the USA. You will find this wonderful market in the parking lot across from Nappy's, downtown Neshkoro from 3:30 pm to 6 pm. At 7 pm a concert is held in the gazebo park just north of downtown. Bring along a lawn chair and enjoy the music while eating your cookies and such. Many thanks to Kristine James for organizing the market for the 2nd year.

On June 21st Elmer and Anita Payne of Coloma celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. Anita noted that the weather this year was just as beautiful as the day they were married 69 years ago. The Paynes enjoyed an afternoon with their family while being served fresh strawberries and ice cream. May your love continue to shine as an inspiration to all that know you. A more wonderful, loving couple one could never meet.

Kathleen and Darrell Smith of Cabot, AR took a day trip to Mt. View, AR, to celebrate their one-year anniversary. The couple stopped at an Amish goods store and found 2 handmade gliders for their back deck. After having some help in loading the rockers they headed back home. Mom says the mountains were just gorgeous to drive through and enjoy this time of year. Happy first anniversary to my wonderful mom and stepdad.

Miss Shirley Bethke of Germania was unsure of what day it was when i had called upon them but she is OK with that as long as the electricity stays on. Saturday was a beautiful day to enjoy being outside and on the deck. Don put out the sun awning to keep the temps down a bit. Sunday of last week Roxanne and John Delfosse of Oshkosh dropped in to see Don and Shirley at home. Tuesday Rosemary Grahn and her daughter Wendy of Ripon happened to be in Germania where they enjoyed the burger special at the Longbranch Saloon. After eating the ladies decided to drop in on The Bethkes for a visit. Phil Gohlke of Neshkoro came by to visit with Don and Shirley and they all had a great visit. Don and Phil recalled their high school days and hunting stories. Bill Tagatz called from his AZ home on Friday. Bill is fighting some medical issues right now but otherwise feels all right. On Saturday Lisa Schild surprised her parents with a visit and the opportunity to trim back some brush down by the pond. Lisa and a friend from West bend came up, chainsaws in hand and did the work to improve the view around the pond. Grandson Scotty Delfosse of Oshkosh was in Germania to take care of his deer plots on the farm. Scotty stopped in to see everyone at the Bethke house Roxanne and John Delfosse spent time at their cottage up north, noting that the water level has risen 4 feet since last year. While driving around the lake, they came across a bear in the road, about 1/2 mile from the cottage. Ron Ledvina of Germania came over to see the Bethkes on Sunday and the power went out while he was there. Luckily, Ron had his cell phone handy to call in the needed repair. A squirrel met its fate on top of the pole and the power was soon back on. It was so good to see ken and Eunice Soda of Princeton as they stopped in for a visit with don and Shirley. They were all gussied up. Ken brought over some of their school annuals for Shirley to look through. A good time was had by all.

Be safe on July 4th everyone. I am looking forward to a visit from my sister Julie soon. Let's hope that she does not bring her central AR weather with her to WI. Jule said they were experiencing temps in the upper 90's and of course humidity was included. Julie will be hoping to spot the Budsin bear while she is here. If that happens, I hope it is while I am at work. Bring the bear mace with you, sister dear.