Did you see double coverage last week of the Germania/Budsin news? Tee hee hee, Nan Hinze noticed that I had inadvertently wished her a happy birthday twice in one paper. Well, I do wish her a doubly good birthday, and good news is best read twice. My apologies to the Oxford Public Library for any confusion caused, no you will not find the rest of that novel at the library.

The Neshkoro farm market is still in full swing as autumn approaches. Friday from 3pm to 6pm you will find fresh vegetables from Goldy's gardens, delicious apples from Clem's orchards of Westfield, this season's salsa by me and the world's greatest maple syrup from the cook shack of Shane and Sam. Last week the delectable sweet syrup made it's first appearance at the Neshkoro market and Goldy will attest that it is the best maple syrup he has ever had. He tried it over pancakes and the sweetness held its own as it stayed thick on the pancake and good to the last drop. I am sorry I missed it but hope to be there this week, weather willing and work possible. Thanks to all who come out over the summer to check out this new event in downtown Neshkoro. We so appreciate your support and hope to continue.

A couples’ washer tournament took place at Pineland Park Campground near Adams last weekend. Al Hoffman of Neshkoro is so proud to announce that his daughter Marabeth and son in law Greg King took first place! They shall now rein for one year as King and queen of Pineland Park. A stray fox took up residence in an unsuspecting camper's shed over the weekend. The fox was a bit stiff but still scared the pants off the guy who found it. Foxy appears to be a traveling trophy of sorts. a good time was had by Al.

The breakfast club met Monday morning for a meal at El Popo in Wautoma. Roger Goldsmith of Newton, Fred Wenzel of Coloma, Mark Schumacher of Richford were all picked up by Don Lange of Newton in his new truck. Breakfast was good, the club is thriving and will, God willing, meet again next week.

Congratulations to the BBQ genius team “Bringing the Heat" as they won Grand Champion again at the Puckaway Pigfest held on Saturday. The team consists of John and Brenda Cossman, Jack and Beth Frost, all very talented cooks. The team placed 1st with their pork entry, 3rd with their chicken (actually tied for 2nd), 1st in Brisket and 16th in ribs. They went home with the Grand Champion pig. Congrats to the reserve champions "Smokin L's" and 3rd place Crashtest Smokers. Congrats to Pate Cossman, who finished 14th overall.  They had a special thanks to Northside Auto of Montello for opening early and getting the team's trailer fixed and on the road. Maude and Jim Cossman of Harrisville attended the event to cheer on both of their sons. Good job all.

Shirley Bethke of Germania tells me that nothing too exciting took place last week with them. Sunday the couple watched football games and family feud until Don decided to go out and mow some lawn. Shirley stayed indoors, played some games and kept her hot-blooded self cool. Monday Danelle and baby Huckley drove over for a visit and surprised the Bethkes in Germania. Danelle also visited with her dad Doug Bethke and his friend Lisa. Friday and Saturday Lisa Schild came to visit her parents and helped Don with some garden harvesting. Lisa got the house cleaned up for her parents. They cooked lots of yummy veggies from the garden for a boiled dinner. Shirley even made stuffed green peppers for a meal together. Saturday Don went over to Ron Ledvina's farm for a cookout. Framer Ron was having a cornfest inviting other farmers over to look over different varieties of corn that he had planted. Ron's parents were there and Don enjoyed chatting with them too. Shirley stayed back at home and watched for the Budsin bear to make his appearance. The big creature was spotted on a trail cam just north of Germania and east of Budsin recently. Glen Tagatz called from Florida to see how his Germania friends were doing.

A very talented violinist came to share beautiful music with folks at Harris Villa on Saturday. The afternoon entertainment was enjoyed by about 50 people in the activity room. Punch and desserts were served and a good time was had by all. Our thanks to Ron Mueller of Westfield, his mother Esther and all who made the performance possible.

Ah, the smells of fall are in the air and filling my home as well. Apples are ripe on my counter from my dad's orchard, salsa is canned and awaiting storage and sweet corn will be my lunch. As sad as I am to say good-bye to summer, I am enjoying the beauty of this time of year.

Mary Barton Bagley of Packwaukee recently celebrated her 70th birthday on Aug. 16th with her family at the park . Mary's brother Ken Barton and her sister in law Lucy made sure the day was filled with fun and good food for Mary. The annual Barton family reunion was held over the last weekend of July and Mary had a good time seeing family then too. Mary wants her brother to know how much she loves and appreciates him and Lucy for all they do. may  God's blessings be upon you all.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Sandra Wincell and Julie Smith on Sept. 11. Happy anniversary to Jack and Beth Frost of Montello and to Cindy and Derek Driscoll of Oxford all celebrating on Sept 11th. Sept. 12th we wish Wayne Pfeffer of Newton, Chuck Elsener of Up North WI and Cody DeRosier of Westfield a wonderful birthday. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to randy and Cheryl Dittmer of West Budsin on Sept. 13th. Happy birthday to Don Bethke of Germania on Sept. 13th. Happy birthday to Captain Dave Nickel of Princeton on Sept. 15th. Happy birthday to Deanna Cornwell, wherever you are, on Sept. 17th and to Doug Malnory of Berlin also on Sept. 17th. Best wishes to you all.

Remember your good memories, but live for today and keep the memories behind you. -Jodi K. Elliot.