The worst part of growing up and being an adult must be the circle of life and losing multiple loved ones. The older we are, the more friends we make and the more people that enter our lives. God brings each person in to our life for a purpose; some stay longer than others and create a deeper bond of love in our hearts. In the past couple of weeks God has called some very special people home. This has shown many of us just how difficult it is to lose a loved one, how hard it can be to continue on our path without them and is showing us that it is necessary to carry on. This thing called life is indeed hard but according to the late Maxine Peroutka, God doesn't give us anymore than we can handle. But after the past couple of weeks, my shoulders sure are tired.

Miss Harriet Koehler of Westfield, a dear lady who always had a smile on her face, left this earth for her heavenly home. Harriet touched the lives of many people in our area, especially in her 7 years at Harris Villa. She had a large family and we were blessed to have her family visit often and become well known among our facility.  Harriet spent a wonderful weekend with her children at the family cabin shortly before her passing. This makes me happy because she saw the glory that was her life; she made peace with God's decision and continued to share her smile with all who passed through her day. Harriet sang a cute little song with me and a co-worker, Bob, quite often and she will forever be precious in my memory as the words are down on paper. Lest we forget what a gift we were given to know this beautiful lady.

Happy belated anniversary wishes are extended to Clint and Mildred Kolpin of Harrisville who celebrated 68 years of marriage on Sept 21st. 

I recently was given the opportunity to read a story written by Dan Janke of Westfield and published in the book "Partyline Rubberneckers," a living history of Southwest and south central Wisconsin. Dan wrote of his childhood friend Larry Laing and a homemade buggy they constructed. What a ride they took in that contraption!  Dan also wrote of his special oil delivery and something fishy about fish. Another Westfield local, Bernie Fritz has a story published inside of this wonderful book. This book is available online at Hometown Memories Good Old Days Books. If you see Dan or Mabel Janke they may also have a printed sheet with the address of the book for purchase. Thank you my friends for sharing a glimpse with me. I am hoping Santa can bring me a copy for Christmas, I have been good, well most of the time.

Thank you to Immanuel Lutheran church of Westfield for holding an afternoon service at Harris Villa last Tuesday. We appreciate your visits at any time and look forward to seeing smiling faces from your congregation. We at Harris Villa also thank Pastor Zietlow and Pastor Westendorff of St. John's Lutheran Church of Montello for their many visits. Pastor Brenda Pulver of Oxford and Packwaukee, the many folks from Good Shepard Catholic Church who stop often to give communion or mass and the folks from Westfield's New Beginnings Church who also share blessings with us at Harris Villa. On behalf of Nan Hinze and her staff and our residents, we are grateful for all of your kindness and fellowship. Thank you.

Congrats to Marie and Dude, may many years of happiness be upon you.
The Westfield Class of 1984 held their 30-year reunion at Thal Acres on Sept 27th. Among the 30-year celebrators you could find 4 members of the Class of 1986 and 4-5 members of the class of 1985. A good time was had by all indoors and outdoors. Many laughs were shared along with memories of high school, yearbooks and photos were looked over. Thanks to class president Bill Antonakis for organizing the get-together and allowing underclassmen to attend.

Happy birthday wishes are being sent to Todd Perlberg of Harrisville on Oct. 10th. Happy 4th anniversary to Randy and Melissa Smith of Oxford on Oct. 10th. Oct. 12th we wish Debbie Albright of Harrisville's gated community, Fred Baustian of Oswego, IL, Mary Hell of Newton, Bernice Wagner, Joan Locke-Smith of Georgia, Julie  Kulack, Sandy Daye of Montello's wrinkle ranch, and Memphis Hinze of Harrisville a great birthday. Oct. 13th belongs to Steve Soda, the farmhand of Germania, Marv Eroen of south Budsin and Jamie Happersett Tomlin of MN. Marian Heller of Germania, also the Mayor's wife and Virginia Mikolajczyk of Harris Villa celebrate their birthday. Oct 15th Brian Thays, a Harrisville native, Marie Hodge of Westfield and Dave Fitzgerald of Neshkoro enjoy a birthday. Best wishes to you all.

Al and Phyllis Hoffman of Neshkoro celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary on Oct 8. They will be dining at The Longbranch Saloon in Germania. They have made many memories in this little town.

Julie Snyder of Sherwood, AR is off on another adventure. My sister needed the rest and relaxation of a get-away. She traveled to Hendersonville, TN to stay with her son Avery and his roommates. She enjoyed listening to their band "Boom the Wheel" jam and practice. Jule and Avery dined together a few times before she headed off to NC. Julie enjoyed a hot air balloon ride on a beautiful blue sky kind of day. Julie shared photos from atop mountains with friends and family on Facebook. I wish I could have joined my sister on this adventure, but I do look forward to our next visit which will include our younger sister Dawn and family as well. Living states apart is difficult but we do make the most of it.

I saw Charlotte Porter shopping at the magic store on Main in Wautoma last Monday. Charlotte always greets you with a wonderful smile.

Vicki Zajda of Harrisville made a trip to Madison with her dad Tom Murdock last Monday. While at the UW hospital Vicki was able to visit with our classmate Jeaunetta Westenberg. We send blessings and prayers to Netta as she regains strength and movement following surgery.

Don Bethke and Shirley of Germania can now rest a little more easy as Shirley's lost purse has been found. It may have been a senior moment that helped the purse get lost, but their daughter solved the mystery by digging deeper into it. Yes, it is good to live in the moment but not if you zone in on just one detail and forget to look at the big picture. Friday Lisa Schild and her daughter Sarah came to Germania and stayed overnight with The Bethkes. Saturday Roxanne and John Delfosse and their friend Carmen of Oshkosh came to Germania to see Don and Shirley. Don made lunch for the family while they worked on a few projects. Sunday Doug Bethke and his lady Lisa dropped in to visit. They needed Don's help identifying wild mushrooms. A duck dinner was enjoyed along with a huge head of cabbage meant for kraut. Scotty Delfosse and his friend Bo did some bow hunting in Germania on Saturday. Bill Tagatz called from Peoria, AZ and reported that another 5 inches of rain had fallen. Bill sends a hello to all of his WI friends and family. Shirley was thrilled to see the recent transformation of the big house in green Lake. The house was once the home of Shirley's friend Thelma of Milwaukee. Now it stands as a bed and breakfast restored and grand. 

Phyllis Hoffman and Sarabeth Hawkins enjoyed a camping weekend at Pineland park. The ladies went trick or treating and on a hayride. Sarabeth was dressed as the queen of hearts. They danced to a DJ and decorated their campsite. Phyllis and Cheri Nickel were troopers on the haunted hayride, but they lost their spooks. Meanwhile back in Marquette county Al Hoffman and his nephews Jeremy and Jon Hoffman, Captain Nickel and Jeromeo all did some duck hunting. Within an hour and 15 minutes the men had their limits bagged. Uncle A said the gas was good in the Go Devil boat motor, but nephew Jeremy had issues with the rewind. 5-month-old lab "Bo" proved to be a great retriever already. A good time was had by AL and his band of merry men.

Rollie, Sassie and Warren of Princeton strolled in to Germania on Sunday eve. They were cold and hungry and found warmth and good grub at the Longbranch Saloon. Just watch out for Rollie and his cane, he is quick!

The retired breakfast club met Monday in Wautoma at El Popo. The frost had made a mess of Goldy's Garden in Newton. Mark Schumacher of Richford had turned on the sprinklers in his garden and produced many forms of ice sculpture as heads of dill sparkled in the morning sunshine. No frost yet in my yard, thank goodness. I am not yet finished enjoying the colors of flowers and vegetation. Pine needles have transformed my lawn in to a golden carpet and a group of turkeys enjoys an afternoon stroll through digging for bugs and acorns a plenty. No doubt about it, my swimming days at Tuttle Lake are done for 2014,sad but true.