Congratulations to all that took part in the Granite City race during Montello's Father Marquette days. I am especially proud of my cousin Ivan Goldsmith, just 10 years old, who took part in the 1-mile kid’s race. Ivan trained really hard and ran an awesome race; he came in first with a 6-minute mile run. Ivan's parents Jenny and Earl are so proud of their son, we hope Ivan continues in this sport and takes pride in his efforts. All young participants were truly winners despite the fact that place awards were not given.

Happy first day of school to my niece Bethany Smith, my nephews Austin and Joshua Smith of Ozark, AR. Bethany starts 7th grade with some pretty purple streaks of color in her hair. Austin will start his junior year of high school with the Ozark Pioneers and Joshua enters 6th grade. Good luck to you all!

Lucy Patrouilee of Neshkoro celebrated her 4th birthday on Aug.10th with all of her furry friends as they had a puppy party. Mike Gartland and Sue Patrouille had supper at The Longbranch Saloon in Germania on Sunday but left Lucy at home.

On Wednesday 3 out of 4 members of the USP team headed to the Dodge County fair to see the Kip Moore concert. Thanks to our driver Vicki Lou Zajda and our entertainer Landen Tollefson, we had a great time. When the headlights pop on, the USP team party is over! Michaela Tollefson, Lyncee Zuehls and more lovely ladies from Montello also joined us for the concert.

The beautiful gardens of Kathy Garland and Crabby Fred were admired as I drove along Highway 22 Wednesday. Kathy was weeding while Crabby Fred cut hay making both outstanding in their fields.

Scotty Labrenz of Lawrence visited with Howard Gaffney on Tuesday, He also got to chat with Gary Hinze and Mayor Bob Weiss of Lawrence while in the neighborhood. 

Harris Pond Association is doing a project to improve Harris Lake. The group took out the old public boat landing and installed a new one on August 13th.They will also be putting up a new lighted info board near the boat landing in the near future. The next lake meeting is Sept 13th at 1 pm. Contact any member for further information.

Fitzy and Gail of Neshkoro shopped for farm fresh vegetables in Neshkoro last Friday afternoon. The Mennonite family from Spring Lake had beautiful bouquets for sale as well as fresh sweet corn and green beans. Goldy's Gardens had delicious muskmelon and yellow watermelon for sale as well as anything else you could imagine in a garden. Tara Hamilton represented Clem's orchard from Westfield with sweet corn, pie pumpkins and more. Her sweet sons joined in the fun that day, as did Grandma Mary Goldsmith. The boys and I counted cars on Main Street while Goldy and Tara and Mary packed up the tent and tables. Lexi joined us for a little while before her Grandma Chris goldsmith came after work to pick her up. Lexi was a big help getting the melons off the truck for her Uncle Roger. The concerts in the Neshkoro Park have ended for the season but the Farm market will continue until further notice. Stop in downtown Neshkoro from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm and take home a really fresh dinner.

While sitting in Neshkoro last Friday, 4 handsome golfers pulled up in a shiny truck. They had been tanning themselves on the golf course at Two Oaks in Wautoma. I think I know who lost as I went home with a golf ball in my pocket, bounced freely by the wisest member of the quartet. Good to see you guys, even if I didn't really see you.

Shirley and Don Bethke of Germania watched the football games on Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed seeing the pre-season plays. Shirley was having a fight with her iPad so she moved on to a reliable electronic entertainment avenue. Don did some grocery shopping in Berlin while Shirley stayed home and watched the birdie daycare on the deck. She sees lots of cardinals right now. Ken and Eunice Soda would be happy to know that the Bethke kitchen is getting a good work out as they stay home for supper most nights lately. Monday Buddy Boeker, son Doug Bethke and Ryan Hall, all of Germania, came over to fix the fallen beam in the living room of Don and Shirley. The men discovered that a nail had gone in crooked and missed the supportive side of the beam. Luckily this came down slowly over the years. Thanks guys for all of your hard work. Brett Delfosse is getting ready to build their new home in Oshkosh while John and Roxanne Delfosse of Oshkosh spent time in Tigerton at their cottage. Friday and Saturday Lisa Schild of Colgate, WI spent time in Germania with her parents. She helped with chores. Lisa and Doug dropped off a sample of their bread and butter pickles; so good. Don managed to find just 1 ear of ripe sweet corn that the raccoon didn't get.

Roger Hillmer of Montello shared his birthday 1/4 barrel with friends and family in Germania on Sunday. Jill Cain and I were happy to be the presence of Roger Bare as he enjoys another candle on his birthday cake. John and Carol Clendenning of Montello also had fun at the party. Carol needed a break from the great grandchild monkey pile. 

Happy anniversary to Ed and Dot Nadolny of Neshkoro as they celebrate 64 years of marriage on Aug 19th. They had dinner with their son in Germania on Sunday night but missed their fishing partner, maybe next time.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to my nephew Joshua Smith of Ozark, AR on Aug 22 as well as Fred Wenzel of Coloma. On Aug. 23rd we wish Cindy Driscoll of Oxford, Mark Rozek of Westfield, my niece Bethany Smith of Ozark, AR, all a happy birthday. Happy anniversary to Ken and Maxine Kersky of Montello as they celebrate their 56th anniversary. Aug 24th my cousin Mark Erd enjoys a birthday, as does Ray Mockler of TN who turns 89. Happy birthday to my sister Tara Hamilton of Westfield, Billy ray Cyrus of TN, Beth Frost of Montello and Angie Luoma of up north WI all celebrating on Aug 25th.Mark "Skip" Souder, Nicole Kukla, and Dusty Steuck of west Budsin enjoy an Aug 26th birthday. Happy anniversary to Greg and Cathy Sondalle of Montello on Aug 26th. Happy birthday Aug 27th to Susan Krause of Germania, Beth Wedel of Oxford, Don Marquardt of Harris villa and Theresa Hopp of Neshkoro. Best wishes to you all.

And now more from the adventures of Mark and Jan Schumacher of Richford who recently returned from an Alaskan excursion. The couple experienced salmon fishing in Ketchikan, catching their limits of Coho and pink salmon. They toured Misty Fjord national monument while in Ketchikan, which also has one of the world's largest totem pole populations. Many native artisans are creating new ones using traditional methods, and original ones dating back to more than 200 years ago.

If the only words to leave your mouth are untrue, eventually people will stop listening to you. You will live alone in a world of delusion. The truth shall set you free my friends. Have a great weekend.