I'm leaving on a jet plane (but by the time you read this, I will be back again!). The day has come to celebrate the wedding of my Mom Kathleen Goldsmith and Darrel Smith of Cabot, AR. If you cannot tell by my song choice, I am excited as I type this column prior to my trip. Of course, you will hear more of this trip in the weeks following, so bear with me.

There will be no music in the Neshkoro River's Edge Park on Friday July 4. Be sure to watch the Neshkoro  firework show for a spectacular display .

Belated happy birthday wishes are extended to Cailtin Albright of Harrisville and to Cathy Sondalle of Montello, I hope your days were awesome. Happy birthday this week to Ed Guptill of Harrisville and Morgan Polk of Montello both celebrating on July 3. I send a special hug to Donna Hyames of Newton on July 3, she will know why. Happy July 4 birthday to Jim Kronschnabel of Harrisville, Madalynn Joy, Ralph Schulte of Montello, Brad Tagatz of Germania and Christina Lyon now living in North Carolina. You are all firecrackers! Happy birthday to Danny Lang of Madison, Arlene Meyer of Oxford, Danielle boon of Westfield, Jan Fowler of Harrisville, Shelby Jean Kegel of Ohio and Terry Hintz of Nekoosa all celebrating on July 5. Happy 29th wedding anniversary to candy and Dave Kukla of Portage on July 06.happy birthday to David Bohnsack of Westfield on July 7. Best wishes to you all.

Congratulations to Ashley Goldsmith of Springfield and Joe Nawrot who were married on June 21,2014. Such a lovely couple, I wish you the best in life always and many happy years together.

Apparently, Warren Nighbor of Princeton has been busy driving Miss Sassie around town. Lord only knows what type of license that takes? Warren, Sassie and Rollie of Princeton stopped in Germania on Sunday night and had a great time visiting with many friends. They dined on chicken as an appetizer to their Longbranch Saloon pizza. I learned a lot from Rollie that night in a short time. He really knows how to pump up a story. Rollie and Sassie kept busy during the week taking care of their neighbor dog Buddy. I love you 3 amigos, you always leave us entertained whether there are midgets involved or not.

Phyllis and Al Hoffman of Neshkoro spent the weekend at their favorite campground Pineland Park by Big flats. Sunday they came closer to home and chatted with Marian Heller of Germania before retiring for the evening.

Glen Tagatz of Germania, his son Brad and Brad's friend Susan met a group of family at the Longbranch Sunday. They dined on pizza and enjoyed the cool air indoors. They were able to chat with Don Heller, the beer deliveryman.

Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Bud Bagley of Neshkoro were so happy to have their Grandson home after he spent 4 years in Germany. Their grandson Michael Nadzieja and his wife Sheila both serve in the USAF and were stationed in Germany the past 4 years. Their children Kylie and Decklin joined the family for dinner at the Longbranch saloon in Germania on Sunday eve. The Nadzieja family will be spending 2 weeks in WI and attending Tyler's wedding while home. Have a safe trip.

Jerry and Donna Goldsmith of Wautoma, WI were grateful to Fay and Steve Bray of Wautoma for driving them all to AR so they could attend Kathy and Darrell Smith's wedding. The couples had a great adventure on the road staying in Pochahontes, AR on their trip down. They all stopped in Ward, AR to see Kathy's house, then made their way towards Sherwood, AR to find their next hotel. The Brays and Goldsmiths joined everyone for the rehearsal dinner at Christian Life church of Sherwood, AR Friday evening. Dawn and Michael Smith of Ozark, AR and their children, Wayne and Nancy Smith of Mulberry, AR came to see everyone too. My sister Jule and I ran between raindrops to load and unload the car then stayed after dinner to decorate the church for the next day's wedding. We worked hard in to the night without a true plan on paper, but using our 2 creative minds, we pulled it off. Mom was happy as could be with the results. Saturday the wedding ceremony was performed by my brother-in-law Gary Snyder of CLC. Gary made his mother-in-law so proud and gave the perfect ceremony for them. Grandchildren filled the alter as they stood up as the wedding party along with Darrell's son Jeremy and Kathy's daughter Dawn. Grandson Avery walked Kathy down the aisle and gave her away (there was rumor of a no return policy in play!) Grandson Austin gave the gift of his musical talent by playing on his guitar and singing the words to "Happy together" by the Turtles. I am so proud of all of my nephews and my pretty niece for taking part in such a special day. Their wedding was perfect, sweet and romantic just like the happy couple. We all wish you many years of happiness together. It has been 3 decades or so since I had to share my Mom with anyone and I know she has made the right choice by finding Darrell to be her husband. He has already spoken of Mom's 3 girls as his new daughters and Darrell's mother spoke of us as her new granddaughters, so we have been blessed with this family addition already. God has blessed us all.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!  I will see some of you at the Harrisville parade Friday July 04. I will be the one hiding behind a big tree in Marie's yard when the Sportsman's Club parade goes by...I don't want a wet camera, thank you very much. June has gone out with a bang; welcome July.