Outdoor Calendar



* Indicates date remains the same each year, except some permit deadlines may be extended one day if they fall on a Sunday or Federal Holiday.

April 15 through July 31 It is illegal to allow dogs to run on DNR lands and Federal Waterfowl Production Areas lands during this time unless the dog is on a leash no longer than 8 feet. Doe not apply to class 1 field trial grounds or DNR lands open to dog training.
April 18 – 24 - Spring turkey hunting period B
April 25 – May 1 - Spring turkey hunting period C
April 29 - Early catch-and-release only trout season closes at midnight. Season is artificial bait, barbless-hook only.
April 30 - The yellow perch season closes on Lake Michigan and tributaries. The season reopens June 16. Otter trapping season closes in the North zone.
May 1 - Frog season opens. Runs through Dec. 31
May 2-8 - Spring turkey hunting period D
May 5 - General inland waters game fish opener (trout, walleye, northern pike, bass in the southern zone). Check current Wisconsin Hook and Line Fishing Regulations pamphlet for exceptions regarding specific game species and waters.
- Catch and release only bass season opens through June 17 in the northern zone.
- Muskellunge season in waters south of State Highway 10 opens.
- From Sept. 15 through the first Saturday in May, hook and line fishing is prohibited from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise in all Lake Michigan tributaries except the Oconto River and its tributaries and the downstream portion of the Peshtigo River (see regulations for details).
May 9 – 15 - Spring turkey hunting period E
May 16 – 22 - Spring turkey hunting period F:
May 20 - Yellow perch season opens on Green Bay, the Fox River and other Green Bay tributaries through March 15 with a bag limit of 15. Yellow perch season on Lake Michigan opens June 16.
May 26 - Muskellunge season opens north of State Highway 10.