Westfield School Board increases staffing for Spanish

The Westfield School Board increased their staffing for next year in Spanish instruction at the April board meeting. Several years ago they began teaching Spanish to kindergarten students. The following school year, the district added instruction to first grade students. Each year since, one grade has been added. Currently, there is Spanish language instruction in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Spanish is also offered in junior high and high school.

In addition to one full time Spanish teacher, the district has been sharing a teacher with Montello. By making the second Spanish position full-time in the Westfield District, they will be able to offer the language instruction to all grades.

The board also approved a plan for being able to recoup money paid for training that gives a teacher an extra certification or degree. Similar to plans in the private sector, if a teacher receives district-paid training that fits this criteria, and then leaves to teach in another district, the teacher would have to reimburse the district. The amount that the teacher would have to reimburse the district is prorated based on how much time has passed since the teacher received the training. In most cases, after three years, the teacher would not have to reimburse the district if they choose to leave. While some board members felt that this plan protected the district on their investment in teachers, others thought it would deter them from getting further training. The plan passed with Wastart, B. Jahnke, S. Jahnke, and McCarthy voting yes. Miller, Hebert and Fenner voted no.

In other business, the board accepted the retirement of cook Jeanette Phillips and teacher assistant Marge Crook. They accepted the resignation of Boys Varsity Basketball coach Robert Duley. Lance Fritz was hired as the new Boys Varsity Basketball Coach and Haley Busa was hired as the new Family and Consumer Science teacher.