Water Tower Shroud

The City of Montello ’s water tower was shrouded earlier this week as work continues on the rehabilitation project. Workers draped the tower in preparation for removal of old paint and application of new paint. (Photo by Matt Faltz)

Marquette County Reconizes

National EMS Week
May 15-21, 2016

The theme for this year is EMS STRONG. Without a doubt the following list of local EMTs and First Responders are just that. Melissa Abbott, Laura Ahrens, Tom Baumann, Trisha Baumann, Brian Beahm, Jamie Beahm, Kathy Beahm, Greg Bond, Dan Buchholz, Addie Campion, Theresa Campion, Bryan Claesges, Becki Claesges, Lori Connelly, Kris Cragin, Brian Czerwinski, Caitlin Drew, Cindy Ellis, John Fisher, Karen Fisher, Nick Fisher, Brittany Fisher, Brandon Frederick, Natasha Frederick, Judy Hayes, Lowell Hayes, Steve Hines, Tom Hockerman, Renee Hoffman, Tim Houslet, Maureen Johnson, Mary Jones, Jarrad Jungenberg, Jessica Jungenberg, Laura Jungenberg, Linda Jungenberg, Patrick Kahl, Chris Klapoetke, Cameron Klump, Nicole Klump, Joshua Knoch, Sara Kowalski, Rebecca Leitner, Wayne Lueneberg, Addie Mittelstedt, Brett Mittelstedt, Chris Peschel, Cammie Quinn, Jacob Sanderson, Amber Schneider, Jessica Smith, Victoria Smith, Carol Soberri, Rebecca Thompson, Kari Tomlin, Jennifer Vote, Bruce Weyh, Jessica Wagner, Stephanie Wilson and Scott Wright, Greg Schultz, Jerry Moore, Terry Janke, Channing Bloss, Andrew Knight, Doug Isberner, Larry LaSure, Matt Krueger, Paul Schwoegler, Don Mevis, Brad Seiler, Dennis Morrison, Troy Steege, Jim Warzynski, David Dresen, Nick Peschel, Jason Kimball, Ed Szelagowski, Eric Seiler.

Also a special recognition to Larry Millard, who lost his life this past year while in the line of duty.

Every day, you’re called upon to help others through one of the most frightening times of their lives. Every day, you’re called upon to provide a sense of security and relief during chaotic and challenging situations. Every day, you’re called upon to do the work that only a select few can do. Every day, you’re