Friends of Montello Library to hold annual Silent Auction

Here is just a sampling of just a few of the many items up for bid at the silent auction at Montello Public Library this weekend. Handmade items, original artwork, collectibles and more will all be on display. Make Montello Public Library one of your stops on the Holiday Trail this Saturday! (Photo submitted)


County Board approves 2015 budget

By Keri Solis
The Marquette County Board of Supervisors approved an $11,621,282 budget for 2015, up from $147,926 from the 2014 budget. As a result, the levy rate per $1000 of equalized value will be $7.5435, down just slightly from $7.5599 last year. This means the rate per $100,000 of equalized value will be $754.35.
In other business, the board tabled a resolution to rescinded past approvals from last year of the biogas pipeline that was proposed to go in portions of northwestern Marquette County. Prior to moving forward with the project, final plans were to be submitted to the county for approval. It appears that the parties involved may be willing to sign an agreement with the county. The issue will be revisited next month.

The board rejected a resolution to approve a conditional use permit and predevelopment agreement with the city of Montello related to a 10-acre land purchase in the city, adjacent to the county Services Center for future use by the county. The city had verbally agreed to issue a conditional use permit that would not put unreasonable restrictions on the property.

The county, which does not have specific plans for the land at this time, has asked that no restrictions be placed on the use of the land. The document prepared by the county corporation counsel included wording for possible future uses of the property, which could include things such as a future administration building, courthouse, jail, highway department or other county department. The board rejected the agreement due to two words being crossed out by the city of Montello: “highway department.”

County board members felt that the permit would have to remain without restriction of the highway department, because as worded, it would not allow a highway department employee to have an office on that property, if that need should arise sometime in the future. Another scenario presented was if a 20-foot back section of the land were needed to park a truck on, again, that would be restricted. The agreement was rejected and sent back to the city for reconsideration.