Plans are in place to help students achieve better at Montello

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released its preliminary district and school report cards last week. The report cards use multiple measures of student achievement and engagement to describe performance, placing them in categories of Fails to Meet, Meets Few, Meets, Exceeds, or Significantly Exceeds expectations for those measures.

Districts and schools are evaluated on four priority areas: Student achievement in reading and math on statewide assessments; Student growth in those assessed areas; Closing gaps for reading and math achievement and graduation, based on student subgroups; and Postsecondary readiness, which uses several measures as predictors of college and career readiness.

The news for the Montello District as a whole was that it fell into the Meets Few Expectations category for the 2013-14 year, falling just below the cutoff for Meets Expectations, with a score of 62.5. The Jr./Sr. High School had a score of 61 and Forest Lane Community Elementary with a score of 62. High Marq Environmental Charter School students were included in the District rating, but not rated as an individual school because it was considered to have too few students for these determinations.

The accountability ratings range as follows: Significantly Exceeds Expectations: 83-100; Exceeds Expectations: 73-82.9; Meets Expectations: 63-72.9; Meets Few Expectations: 53-62.9; Fails to Meet Expectations: 0-52.9.

Montello School District was among 7 districts listed as Meets Few Expectations of the state’s 424 districts.

According to District Administrator Dr. B. Lynn Brown, she, along with most staff members is not surprised by the report card results. After examining data during last year, they realized that Montello students were not performing as well as their same grade. As a result, multiple steps have been taken. These include implementing reading, writing and text strategies into coursework for all subjects. Other work is being done with literacy and math to help identify specific strengths and gaps in students.

Detailed district and school report cards for all of Wisconsin can be viewed at http://reportcards.dip.wi.gov/ by clicking on the button for “District and School Report Cards.”

* Scores are on a scale of 0-100
Priority Areas Montello State
District Score
Student Achievement 57.9 66.4
Student Growth 53.8 62.4
Closing Gaps 56.4 66.3
On-Track &
  Postsecondary Readi. 81.9 85.3
Overall 63

Priority Areas Montello State
Jr/Sr High Score
Student Achievement 60.3 67.7
Student Growth 39.3 55.7
Closing Gaps 64.7 66.4
On-Track &
  Postsecondary Readi. 79.7 84.9
Overall 61

Priority Areas Forest Lane State
Elementary Score
Student Achievement 56.1 66.8
Student Growth 59.0 67.8
Closing Gaps 46.2 66.9
On-Track &
  Postsecondary Readi. 86.8 86.9
Overall 62