Arrests made in drug investigation

Recently officers from the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office and the Central Wisconsin Meg Unit conducted an extensive illegal drug investigation, resulting in the arrest of three individuals and the seizure of property, including a car and drugs.

According to the criminal complaints, the first arrest came after a May 14th incident, when a confidential informant set up a purchase of heroin from Corey B. Jerome, 35, of Westfield, in the parking lot of a Westfield restaurant. It alleges that the informant paid Jerome $200 for five aluminum individually wrapped bindles, weighing a total of 2 grams, that reportedly contained heroin. The complaint says the meeting had been arranged by Jerome’s sister, Christel B. Jerome, 36, of Wisconsin Rapids.

The next arrests came after a June 2nd incident, when Marquette County Detective Scott Johnston received a call from Officer James Cramm of the Marshfield Police Department reading a GPS unit that was on a vehicle operated by Christel R. Jerome. The complaint says Officer Cramm informed him that Jerome was enroute to the Chicago area to possibly pick up heroin, based upon an ongoing investigation and information he received.

The complaint says that on June 3rd, at 3:45am, Officer Cramm observed the vehicle exit I39 northbound at the 113 mile marker exit in the Village of Westfield.  The vehicle was stopped on the ramp by members of the Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force and contact was made with the two individuals in the car, the driver, Christel Jerome and the passenger, Claudine S. Maltais, 40, of Lyndon Station.

Later, while she was being interviewed, Jerome allegedly stated that she and Maltais had gone to Chicago where she had purchased six bags of heroin for herself and 18 additional grams to bring back to deliver to another person. She produced a package containing 21.5 grams of heroin.

Christel Jerome is being charged with the felony counts of Possess w/intent-Heroin (>10-50g) and Manufacture/Deliver Heroin (<3g). Corey Jerome is charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance (Misd. U) and a felony count of Manufacture/Deliver Heroin (<3g). Claudine Maltais has been charged with a felony count of Possess with intent-Heroin (>10-50g). Initial appearances for Christel and Corey Jerome are scheduled July 14th, and Maltais is scheduled to appear July 30th.

This investigation is an ongoing project that involved over 10 different municipalities in the Central Wisconsin area.

Marquette County Sheriff Kim Gaffney stated that, “Heroin has become one of the most used illegal substances in recent history and it is important that all citizens be aware of its dangers and consequences of the illegal use and distribution of this drug.”

If you would like to know more about the dangers and effects of the use of Heroin please visit The Fly Effect website for more information or contact your local law enforcement agency.

Spencer (left) and Madison (right) Matijevich pose with their Cornish Rock roaster chickens which will be exhibited and then auctioned off during the 2014 Marquette County Fair. (Photo submitted)

Fair Youth Meat Animal Auction set for Friday, July 11th

The 18th annual Marquette County Fair’s Youth Meat Animal Auction will be held on Friday, July 11th at 7 p.m. at the new Show Barn on the Marquette County fairgrounds in Westfield.  On the auction block will be market beef, sheep, swine, poultry, rabbits, and meat goats.  Youth from several youth organizations across the county will be marketing these animals – 4H, FFA, Jr. Angus, and more.  All involved will be keeping the program’s objectives in mind — (1) To encourage participation in meat animal projects and appropriate record keeping; (2) To teach a greater understanding of meat animal feeding, meat animal marketing, and meat animal science; (3) To develop pride and responsibility within a member’s animal raising project(s); and (4) To recognize members who do quality work in selecting, feeding, and showing their project animals by providing a marketing opportunity.

Many have already received invitations to be a bidder and/or a buyer, but all are encouraged to come and watch and/or participate in this exciting event.  Bidders and buyers will have the option to purchase the animals outright by the pound or head – or – purchase beef, sheep, and swine on a support price basis.  The following are the guidelines for support price purchases:

Exhibitors are responsible for marketing of the animal and will receive a check from the market.  The average market price will be determined from the USDA price at the close of market on Friday and will be posted and announced. Buyers will indicate, at the time of purchase, if they intend to buy the animal outright or for a support price.  A 4 % commission will be charged to exhibitors just like in the outright purchase option.

The following is a comparison of buying the animal for a support price and buying the animal outright using a steer as an example:
In the example, the buyer bids $1.00 per pound on a 1000 lb. beef steer with the average market price of $0.75 per pound. With an outright purchase, the buyer pays $1000.  Minus a 4% commission, the exhibitor would receive $960 check.  The exhibitor must also be present at the end of the fair to load the animal.  With the support price purchase plan, the buyer would pay $250.  After the $40 commission is subtracted, the exhibitor would receive a check of $210.  The exhibitor is then responsible to send the animal to market or to take it home at the end of the fair.

The youth in the program first weighed in their beef in December, while sheep were weighed in April.  Swine were not weighed-in due to PED virus rules.  Turkeys and poultry were identified in May and June and rabbits were registered in June.

The total gross sales from last year’s youth meat animal auction were $42,652.20.  Top dollar paid for beef was $3.15 / lb., for sheep was $ 6.25 / lb., and swine was $5.00 / lb.  Top dollar paid by the head for rabbit was $ 575, for poultry was $450, and for meat goat was $400.

For more information about this event at the Marquette County Fair or other events, please contact the Marquette County UWEX Office at 608-297-3141.