County Board seeks feedback on ordinance changes

The Marquette County Board of Supervisors has made proposed changes to several ordinances and is seeking public input prior to their next meeting on October 21st.

One of the bigger changes is to Chapter 54. It lowers the threshold to gatherings of people for 18 or more hours from 5,000 people down to 1,500 people, and requires 1 ambulance on site for every 1,000 people (at no expense to Marquette County), and dropped requirements for a medical physician and nurse.

Chapter 80, which is in reference to public property, also has changes. These include only allowing ATV use on Ennis Lake in John Muir Park for those who are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, not to exceed 5mph and no driving past the paved parking area from Dec. 1-April 1. This would allow boaters to unload canoes, kayaks, etc. near the lake, but ice fishermen would have to carry their gear, as driving on the road to the lake would not be permitted during that season.

Several other ordinances are receiving wording changes as well. The full proposed ordinances can be found on the county website at: www.marquette.co.wi.us. Input can be forwarded to County Clerk Gary Sorensen at 608-297-3016, or email to: gsorensen@co.marquette.wi.us.