County board moves forward with reviewing future of EMS

With the volunteer supply dwindling and current Marquette County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) staff being overworked, a county consultant has recommended several changes to the way EMS is structured.

This would include three full-time staffed stations running, with one Paramedic and one EMT (Basic, AEMT, or Intermediate) in each station. There would also be one shift leader/supervisor responding with MED 1 to oversee patient care, treatment quality in the field, and to provide an extra provider for treatment as needed.

With the current run volume in the county, there are often two ambulances a day on a call at the same time, leaving only one staffed ambulance, along with the unstaffed back-up ambulance to cover the entire county.

There are three to four times a month that all of the ambulances are out on calls, leaving only the unmanned back-up to cover the entire county.

There are also occasions where all four ambulances are out on calls, leaving no back-up for the county if an additional call were to come in.
With the call volume expected to continue increasing, a recommendation was made by the consultant to move to full-time EMS protection.

This would involve several steps, including putting living quarters for EMS personnel in Montello, Westfield and Oxford, along with hiring additional staff to man these stations.

The county board gave the green light for staff to continue moving forward to obtain quotes for design services and cost estimates to house and staff a full-time county EMS crew.

These numbers will be presented to the board at a future meeting to determine if the county would like to continue to move forward with the proposed plan.