New tower signals Internet partnership for the area

Montello School District and Hilbert Communications have partnered to begin the process of bringing high-speed wireless broadband Internet to the area. The tower erected on Montello School District grounds is one of several that should pop-up in the County over the next couple of years. Montello School District began this endeavor a couple of years ago in an effort to find a way to provide 24/7/365 high-speed wireless Internet access for all students and their families via FCC E-rate funding and possible USDA grants that will lead to highly reduced rates for our stakeholders.

The pictured tower is the beginning of the above vision. In the process of working with Hilbert Communications, other constituents in Montello School District and Marquette County will have more options for acquiring high-speed wireless broadband Internet that will ultimately be provided through 4G-LTE wireless technology. For more information on high-speed wireless Internet that will soon be available in the area, please contact BugTussel Wireless, a subsidiary of Hilbert Communications.