Countywide Senior Citizens Picnic

The annual Countywide Senior Citizens Picnic, was held at Montello City Park on Wednesday, September 11th. Around 200 local senior citizens attended the event, which included a program honoring the events of 9-11, lunch, entertainment and more. The program opened with a flag raising ceremony and patriotic music performed by the Montello High School Band. Guest speaker, Marquette County Veterans Service Officer Don Wilken, spoke about those who gave their service in the 9-11 disasters in 2001, and urged Americans to remain united, as we are the “United States” of America.

Marquette County’s Central Kitchen staff served a lunch of hamburgers and chicken breast sandwiches, after which door prizes were given out and the crowd was entertained by “Jerry and Friends.” The day ended with some fun bingo games.


City continues to look at garbage/recycling proposal

By Keri Solis
The City of Montello Public Works Committee met last week to continue discussing garbage pick-up. While the committee had recommended going with Advanced Systems the previous month, the full council later asked to see a breakout of the recycling center from residential garbage pick-up.

A representative from Advanced Systems was present at the Public Works meeting, who stated that the new price per residence for pick-up would be $11.95 per month. It had been $12.95, including the cost to pick up the containers at the recycling center. The cost for the recycling center would then be a separate fee of $700 a month.

There was also discussion around garbage pick-up for small businesses, primarily in the downtown area. Currently, several businesses receive garbage pick-up, but do not put out enough garbage weekly to justify a dumpster.

Since the city will be moving to a system where loose bags will no longer be picked up, the idea was presented that if a business can fit their weekly garbage into the new 96-gallon wheeled cans that will be provided, that they will still provide pick-up service for those businesses. If a business cannot fit their garbage into one of these containers, they would have to pay for an extra bin or a dumpster.
Representatives from the Town of Mecan and Town of Montello were present to discuss the status of the recycling center, which is struggling to stay afloat. Currently, the City of Montello funds the operation of the center, with users paying a small fee per bag of recyclables. The city was hoping to ask the towns to contribute to the cost of running the facility, since residents of those towns are also using it.

With a quote much lower than the previous vendor for pick-up from the center, it will put it in a better position financially than it was in the past. The city and the towns decided that the best thing to do is to create a new entity between the municipalities. This would take the city out of the running of the center and potentially allow money to come back to each party involved at the end of the year. The concept will now go to the Montello City Council and the full boards of each town.