Dr. Lynn Brown joins Montello School District

By Keri Solis
Dr. Lynn Brown has been named the new District Administrator for Montello Schools. She was raised in Parkville, MO, near Kansas City. She wasn’t always in education, as she has worked in several positions from waiting tables to work as an accountant.

After earning a degree in education, she taught math in a Chicago suburb before becoming an assistant principal. She then transferred to Oshkosh, WI, her husband’s hometown, where she was most recently principal of Jacob Shapiro Charter School, an elementary charter school.

She is excited to have the opportunity to work with the entire K-12 system and become a part of the Montello community, which reminds her much of her hometown.

Brown feels that the community is behind the school, along with the staff and students. She is excited to learn more about the great groundwork already laid by previous district administrator, Jeff Holmes. Once she learns more about how the day-to-day operation of the district, she hopes to be able to share her knowledge and experience, along with utilizing connections where it applies to the program in place at Montello.

“My role is to fulfill the mission statement of the school with the community dedicated to innovation. I need to learn, embrace what is here and build on it,” said Brown.

Brown is married to her husband Phil, who was the owner of a woodworking firm until he fell off a roof and suffered a traumatic brain injury eight years ago and became disabled. He is currently writing a short work of fiction.

They are the parents of three adult boys, John, and twins Stephan and Jeffery. Their daughter Elizabeth will be a new face at Montello Schools as a freshman. The family will be selling their house in Oshkosh and relocating to the Montello area.

In her free time, Brown enjoys kayaking, ice skating, rollerblading and running.