Sherwin Lloyd, Dan Klawitter, Paul Wade and Jack Johnston are all retiring from the County Board of Supervisors this April, leaving behind a combined total of 127 years experience in Marquette County government.

County Board to lose four members to retirement

By Keri Solis
Four Marquette County Supervisors will be retiring from their seats after the elections next week. With them leaves a combined total of 127 years serving Marquette County.

Current Chairman, Paul Wade has served the longest. He was first appointed to the board in 1968 and elected to the position ever since. He has served on numerous committees and held the roles of vice-chairman and chairman for several years.

Wade stated that, “It has been a pleasure working on the county board of supervisors, the companionship of the members and department heads, but not the day-to-day hassle,” he laughed. “Lately I’ve been up to the courthouse 3-4 times a week. I do have another life and that is what I’m going to pursue.”
Jack Johnston joined the board in 1970 and recalled how much change there has been in the last 44 years. “There has been a lot of change since I started, but I’m leaving it up to others now how to do it. It has been a pleasure working with so many different people.”

The board has also had a position for Sherwin Lloyd for the past 33 years. Lloyd was involved with many of the building projects that occurred during his time in service. He enjoyed working on various committees and with the heads of county departments.
Dan Klawitter served several years as supervisor in Fond du Lac County before serving Marquette County for the past four. Klawitter took over the role of vice-chair in 2012 after the death of Howard Zellmer. “I was able to bring a lot of change and update the ways of doing things during my term,” Klawitter proudly stated. He most recently enjoyed seeing the county board polices revamped and updated. “Other than minor tweaking, they should be good for another 20 years or so.”