Marquette County John Muir tapestry block reflects beauty of county

The special Diaspora project that will be a part of Scotland Homecoming events in 2014 in John Muir’s birthplace is taking shape and part of it is right here in Montello.  If you go to www.scottishdiasporatapestry.org you’ll learn that this worldwide project has participants from countries where Scottish culture spread as Scots left their homeland and settled in new communities or built their own out of wilderness.  Here in Marquette County, the Muir family from Dunbar was just one of many who chose Marquette County in the new state of Wisconsin to settle and bring their own skills, knowledge and culture to their new homes.  

This wool and linen tapestry that will be showcased in Scotland during 2014 and travel around the world after that, is constructed of large linen panels, each depicting a location where Scottish culture flourished and influenced communities around the world. The artist-designed panels were developed with local input and are being stitched in diaspora communities.  Marquette County Wisconsin Friends of John Muir were invited to participate and Nancy Kozlowski, shown here, Jean Dawidziak and Candy Williams have been supervising contributing stitchers and have been doing a major portion of the fine needlework themselves. Kozlowski sometimes uses five needles at a time to get the texture of the water and land in the artist designed panel.  When completed, the panel will be on display at Teapot Quilt Cottage for a short time before being shipped over to Scotland.  Watch the Marquette County Tribune for more information.