Just one of 20 gardens featured in Garden Thyme in Marquette County is Carla and Greg Riesen’s.  Walk through these lovely Marquette County gardens in this just-off-the-press book and learn some tips on how to grow a beautiful garden. (Photo by Kathleen McGwin)



Take a walk through beautiful gardens of Marquette County

New book available now!
By Kathleen McGwin
Just in time for holiday gift giving, Thyme Shares Master Gardeners Volunteers and Friends has published Garden Thyme in Marquette County, a colorful, educational book on 20 lovely Marquette County gardens and the gardeners who created them.  The book is not only a walk through the gardens, but is filled with information to help the reader recreate the success of the featured gardeners. 

“We dedicated this book to Keith Vander Velde,” said Jane Oravetz, editor in charge of the project.  “Under his tutelage and leadership, Thyme Shares Master Gardener Volunteers and Friends has grown into the wonderful group it is today.”

In part, the dedication reads, “In 1998, Keith Vander Velde joined the staff of the Marquette County University of Wisconsin Extension as the Agriculture Agent. That fall, Keith introduced the State of Wisconsin Master Gardener training to interested folks in Marquette County. …As of 2012, one hundred seventeen individuals have taken and completed this training program in Marquette County. …It is appropriate that in this year of 2012, the year of Keith’s retirement, we dedicate Garden Thyme in Marquette County to him.”

The book committee of Thyme Shares Master Gardeners Volunteers and Friends has been working on the project since the end of last year.  Members researched and wrote sidebars about a host of gardening topics including lasagna gardening, container gardening, hostas, composting, mulches and orchards.  There is a special article about soils in Marquette County and a review of the activities of this active gardening group since their inception. 

Visits to the gardens began in spring and continued through the fall.  Photos and stories of the 20 featured gardens were finalized and the committee chose a cover design.  They spent many hours editing the book, finalizing it in time for printing before the holiday season.  Included are shoreline gardens, container gardens, vegetable gardens, and natural plantings, among others. 

Gardeners include Jeanine and Jim Anagnostopoulos, Camile and Jan Charlier, Lee Ann and David Casper, Donna and Andy Halbach, Mary and Kent Hinrichs, Dina and Ed Johnson, Anna Jones, Ruth and Les Jones, Jane and Joseph Oravetz, Carla and Greg Riesen, Paul Schwochert, Linda and Rick Stimps, Frank and Mary Trostle, Jody White and Kay Michels, Karl and Bette Whitrock, Joni and John Wilson, Keith and Chris Vander Velde, Mary Jane Cass, and the gardens at the Marquette County Historical Society. 

The book sells for $16.50 and is available at The Garden Center in Montello and Floral Expressions in Oxford or from Joni Wilson, who can be contacted at 608-296-3513 or joniwilson@frontier.com.