New trail and informational kiosks planned for Buffalo Lake

The Rural Planning and Parks Committee of the Marquette County Board has approved the creation of a walking path and kiosk at the Buffalo Lake boat landing on County Road C.  The path will run along the lake on county property and continue up a small hill on the opposite side of the parking lot.  The kiosk that is being planned will tell about the railroad that once ran from Packwaukee to Montello and about the Native Americans who once lived along the shores of the Fox River. 

The project is in its beginning stages and Kathleen McGwin, a citizen member of the committee and who is working on the design of the kiosks, will also be soliciting donations to pay for the building of the historic informational kiosks.  If you are interested in learning more, contact her at mcgwin@frontier.com.

Wisconsin WINS Program

The Five Counties for Tobacco Free Living and the state Tobacco Prevention and Control Program are continuing to work hard to keep tobacco products out of the hands of young people.

One of the tools used to prevent youth access to tobacco is the Wisconsin WINS (WI WINS) Program, which was launched in 2002 and is a statewide initiative. Wisconsin WINS is a science-based program to reduce tobacco sales to minors and uses positive reinforcement and education with tobacco retailers.
To learn more about the WI WINS Program check out the website at www.WIWINS.org.

The state Department of Health Services contracts with local partners to conduct investigations to establish retailer compliance with state laws governing tobacco sales. Education, media outreach and community education are also important components of the WI WINS Program. Marquette County Health Department and youth from our county have done twenty Compliance checks with three retailer’s selling to our youth. We had an 85% compliance rate this year. We thank the retailers that didn’t sell to our youth as this helps keep the tobacco products out of the hands of our youth!

Also available to tobacco vendors is the Smoke Check Program (www.SmokeCheck.org), which provides free, state-approved retailer training on tobacco laws. The online tool includes a study guide, a quiz and a certificate of completion. Employees will learn how not to sell tobacco to minors. The Smoke Check program can help retailers avoid fines and loss of license helping youth stay tobacco-free.

For more information on the activities of the Five Counties for Tobacco Free Living contact Anna Weber, PHN, 608-297-3135.